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Top Stories for February 26:

US media outlets demand access to Jan. 6 footage given exclusively to Tucker Carlson by Kevin McCarthy

Funny story. Before becoming Speaker of the House, this guy abetted an insurrection to overthrow the very US government he is now a leader in, then, once he rose to power, he seized evidence, withheld it from the public, and slipped it to a propagandist who also supported the insurrection. Now respectable journalists are fighting back and… Ok, so maybe not “haha” funny. More “horrifically dangerous abuse of power” funny.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Pete Buttigieg shuts down Tucker Carlson on live TV

Transportation Sec. Buttigieg gave Fox News’ chief propagandist an elementary lesson in good governance, accountability, and the real-world value of regulation after Tuck Tuck’s wholly disingenuous, race-baiting hot take on the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment — an environmental disaster caused in part by the hyper-capitalist, far-right, greed-driven policies championed by his “news” network every damn day.

Take Action: Hold the greedy railway company accountable for the toxic spill in Ohio!

Lauren Boebert gets bad news in Colorado

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

The US is averaging one chemical accident every two days
While the devastating train derailment in northeastern Ohio is understandably receiving widespread attention, chemical accidents are occurring in the United States with alarming regularity. A Guardian analysis of data collected by the EPA and by non-profit groups that track chemical spills in the US shows that accidental releases — be they through train derailments, truck crashes, pipeline ruptures, or industrial plant leaks and spills — are occurring, on average, once every two days.

Take Action: Protect communities from corporate railroad greed!

Erin Brockovich gives stark warning, words of encouragement to residents of East Palestine, Ohio: “Be vigilant, hold your ground”
America’s most famous environmentalist took to the stage in a packed auditorium to address a community left traumatised, angry, and confused by the horrific Norfolk Southern railroad disaster that upended their town. “I feel your angst, I feel your frustration. You are not alone. Every community I’ve gone to has been given the runaround. You’ll be told that it’s fine, that you’re safe, but it’s not fine. I’ve never seen anything like this in 30 years. Please be vigilant, hold your ground. We’re gonna give you as much information as we can, some of it you might not want to hear and could scare you. But the more you know, the better you can prepare as we move forward,” she said to the packed auditorium.

Take Action: Tell Congress to raise the minimum wage!

Hundreds of newspapers drop “Dilbert” comic strip after racist rant by its dickhead creator

The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and hundreds of other newspapers across the country say they will no longer carry the syndicated and criminally unfunny “Dilbert” comic strip after cartoonist and human teeth-whitener Scott Adams urged white people “to get the hell away from Black people.” He vomited his super racist hot take during an online video program last week, during which he labeled Black people a “hate group.” Bye, Felicia!

Take Action: Tell Congress to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment ASAP!

Judge rejects insurrection apologist Rep. Scott Perry’s bid to shield thousands of files from Jan. 6 committee
Republican Rep. and Big Lie enthusiast Scott Perry tried — and failed — to prevent authorities from seizing thousands of files related to Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow democracy on Jan. 6, 2021. Perry’s phone was seized by authorities one day after the infamous FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago last year. At the time he claimed it merely contained personal or work-related files that were none of the government’s business. Except that his work IS the government’s business as he’s, ya know, a sitting member of the House of Representatives.

The fate of Biden’s student-loan relief plan rests with the Supreme Court
The conservative-packed Supreme Court is slated to soon decide the financial fortunes of more than 40 million Americans when it hears arguments next week on the legality of President Biden’s transformational plan to provide targeted relief to student loan borrowers. Should the court’s far-right wing side with debtors and curmudgeons championing the status quo, tens of millions of struggling Americans will see their once-in-a-generation chance to wipe away as much as $20,000 per borrower in crushing student loan debt evaporate.

EPA orders “pause” of contaminated waste removal at Norfolk Southern derailment site, will now oversee company clean-up efforts
For some reason, Norfolk Southern had been solely responsible for deciding how and where to dispose of the toxic waste from their catastrophic derailment earlier this month. Going forward, disposal plans — including locations and transportation routes for contaminated waste — will be subject to EPA review and approval.

Michigan researchers find every river fish they test contains “forever chemicals”
Oh, good! Let’s continue to do nothing about this very real and present problem that’s definitely not contributing to the long-term sickening of Americans from coast to coast.

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