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Top Stories for January 15:

Kevin McCarthy open to idea of expunging Trump’s impeachments

Of COURSE he is. Mustn’t upset the clown caucus! Must please dear leader or else face the Wrath of Con!

Take Action: Tell the Justice Department: Charge Trump for the dozens of crimes he’s committed!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News host trips over herself trying to attack Biden

Laura Ingraham and her fellow contortionists at Fox News continue to find impressively pathetic ways to redefine hypocrisy.

Take Action: Investigate Republicans who could be constitutionally disqualified from holding office!

The real Speaker of the House: Matt Gaetz

OD Action Partner: The worst of the worst holds the real power in Congress — but we can end this circus if we win back the majority! United Rural Democrats is working overtime to support Democrats in rural areas who can WIN with resources and infrastructure. Can you chip in to help us retake the House from Trump’s radical goons?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says US will hit debt limit Thursday, warns of “irreparable harm”
Yellen’s startling announcement that “extraordinary measures” would be required for the US to prevent a default on its debt could not have come at a more perilous time for the country. The far-right extremists now controlling the US House have made clear they will hold the economy — and tens of millions of working Americans — hostage in order to slash critical government programs they simply do not like in exchange for any debt ceiling deal. Should lawmakers fail to reach an agreement, the United States could default on its debt as soon as Thursday.

Take Action: Tell Biden to not let the GOP hold our country hostage with the debt ceiling!

More classified material found at President Biden’s Delaware home
President Biden’s lawyer Richard Sauber said he discovered five additional classified documents on Thursday, which were immediately handed to the Justice Department. Biden and his team are cooperating with the Justice Department’s newly appointed special counsel assigned to investigate the documents discovery.

Take Action: Tell Biden and the Senate to fill the courts with Democratic judges!

Trump hails Jan. 6 insurrectionists as “great patriots,” calls prison sentences a “disgrace”

The disgraced ex-president and supposed “law and order” enthusiast lambasted the charges filed against nearly 1,000 rioters and counting, complaining that “virtually nothing happened” on Jan. 6. Relax! What’s the big deal? What’s a deadly insurrection among friends?

Tucker Carlson mocked for wondering “why is tobacco so dangerous?”
Newly empowered House Republicans quickly began tackling the most pressing issues facing the nation, like rolling back smoking bans in congressional offices, prompting Tucker Carlson to pompously ask the question literally know one needs help answering.

Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker gamble backfires spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

“Stop the Steal” founder tipped off Paul Gosar to brewing violence at Capitol on Jan. 6, warned him to leave
Nothing to see here, folks. Jan. 6 was obviously just a spontaneous gathering of concerned Americans making their voices heard at the Capitol. No collusion. No plots. No plans. Just “great patriots” exercising their rights. Next!

George Santos campaign officials quit in 2021 after lies exposed
The pathological liar allowed his staff to run a background check on him, and it reportedly showed “a pattern of deception that cut to the heart of the image he had cultivated as a wealthy financier.” When Santos refused to drop out of the race, campaign officials quit. Neat! You know what else might’ve been helpful at the time? Alerting party officials or local media or election officials or literally just sharing any pertinent information online to keep an obviously unfit, unwell person from becoming a US congressman.

GOP action on mail ballot timelines angers military families
Ohio’s restrictive new election law significantly shortens the window for mailed ballots to be received — despite ZERO evidence that the extended timeline has led to fraud or any other problems — and that change is angering active-duty members of the military and their families because of its potential to disenfranchise them. Support the troops, people! Just not when they’re exercising their right to vote, apparently.

DOJ appeal in Texas mass shooting case pleases NRA and puzzles gun control advocates
In court documents filed this week, the Department of Justice pushed back on paying damages and denied that they were primarily responsible for a 2017 mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas that killed 25 people. A district court ruled in 2021 that the government was 60% responsible for the massacre after shooter Devin Kelley, who was discharged from the Air Force after a felony conviction, wasn’t entered into the national database that would have prevented him from buying firearms. Gun control advocates lambasted the move and slammed the Biden administration for contradicting its own stance on gun control policy and accountability.

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