Tell the media not to give oxygen to Larry Elder’s election fraud lies!

Before the recall election for Governor Gavin Newsom election even fully ended on September 14th, Republican candidate Larry Elder was already associated with a website “demanding” that the results of the 2021 recall election be investigated for voter fraud by the California legislature. The claims have no basis, obviously, considering they were made before any type of results were determined.

Now that the results are in, and Newsom has beaten the Trumpian recall election, we need to ensure that news networks don’t give any attention to Larry Elder’s claims.

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We’ve already seen how baseless claims of election fraud can be as dangerous as to incite violence on the right. Instead of helping Elders’ claims gain a following, the media should focus on all that Newsom has plans to accomplish during the remainder of his term.

Larry Elder’s claims of election fraud didn’t have any merit to them the night before the election ended, and they certainly won’t have any if they continue after Newsom’s win. 

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