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BREAKING: 1 dead, 3 injured in El Paso mall shooting

Top Stories for February 16:

George Santos barricaded in district office, refuses to meet with constituents

Decorated Space Force veteran and man who discovered the Titanic George Santos has not been having a good congressional recess. He chose to call the cops on his own constituents as they tried to present him with a petition to resign. Santos referred to the group of angry PTA moms who gathered outside his district office as a “mob.” “He’s trying to paint us as some wild-eyed protesters. You could not find a less threatening group of people if you tried,” said protester Emily Raphael.

Take Action: Tell the College Board to fight DeSantis’ ban on Black History!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Gloves off: Fed-up Biden finally calls out Marjorie Taylor Greene by name

President Biden continued to hammer Republicans on their efforts to cut Social Security and Medicare — and singled out his haters for public skewering.

Take Action: Denounce Exxon for hiding the evidence of climate change from the public!

Pete Buttigieg takes down Marjorie Taylor Greene

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Brilliant.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders hammer Kroger over wage theft allegations
Kroger employees have recently filed a spate of lawsuits alleging that the company’s new payroll system has left their paychecks short, and one union said it had received hundreds of employee complaints regarding incomplete pay or unauthorized deductions. Enter Sens. Warren and Sanders, who issued a scathing letter demanding action from the grocery giant to fully compensate its workers and prevent any future wage theft.

Take Action: Demand an end to noncompete clauses that steal wages from workers!

Lawsuit alleges Alabama police locked a mentally ill man in a freezer until he died
In yet another horrifying allegation of dehumanizing violence perpetrated by police, a lawsuit claims that Anthony “Tony” Mitchell, who the cops say fired a shot at them during a “wellness check,” was put in a PRISON FREEZER for several hours and eventually froze to death. The lawsuit also alleges that the Walker County Sheriff’s office kept Mitchell in a cell with no bed or other furnishing, with only a drain in the floor for a toilet. “This is one of the most appalling cases of jail abuse the country has seen,” reads the first line of the lawsuit.

Take Action: Tell Congress to ban assault weapons!

Charlottesville tiki torcher kills himself before fentanyl trial

Teddy Joseph von Nukem, the white supremacist immortalized in the horrifying pictures of the tiki torch march in Charlottesville the day before Heather Heyer was murdered in 2017, has killed himself right before he was set to go on trial for attempting to smuggle 15 kilos of fentanyl into the United States.

Rail workers say they knew the train that derailed in East Palestine, dubbed “32 Nasty,” was dangerous
The more information that comes out about the disastrous, highly toxic train derailment in Ohio, the more it becomes clear that corporate malfeasance and greed are the culprits. Workers had a nickname for the train that derailed — the “32 Nasty” — because of management decisions that made it particularly difficult to run. The workers also said that “multiple red flags, including two mechanical problems, about 32N went undetected or were ignored in the hours leading up to the crash.” There need to be SERIOUS consequences for Norfolk Southern and other railroad companies that deliberately neglect worker and public safety in favor of higher profit margins.

Court orders lesbian mother to hand custody of son to sperm donor
In a shocking decision that could have huge ramifications for the future of same-sex marriage, an Oklahoma judge has ruled that a lesbian mother must relinquish custody of her son — to the sperm donor — following the mother’s divorce from her partner, who gave birth to the child. District Judge Lynne McGuire ruled on Monday that Kris Williams was unable to prove a mother-child relationship because she didn’t give birth to the child and she didn’t adopt the boy.

DOJ officially decides not to charge Matt Gaetz in sex-trafficking probe
Regretfully, the case against Gaetz has fallen apart as one witness — who was underage at the time — no longer wishes to testify against the congressman and the other witness, convicted sex-trafficker and one-time wingman Joel Greenberg, has a history of concocting false accusations and has been deemed not credible. The DOJ can’t prove that Gaetz’s infamous Venmo payments to Greenberg were for underage sex, so once again, a rich and powerful white man walks free after heinous allegations of sexual misconduct.

Judge vacates conviction of man imprisoned nearly 3 decades
The tragic tale of Lamar Johnson provides a grim insight into how police and prosecutors work with each other to put Black men behind bars, no matter if they’ve committed a crime or not. The state accused Johnson of a 1994 murder he clearly did not commit, sold by a prosecutor armed with written police reports containing invented statements from unreliable witnesses. One witness received thousands of dollars in secret payments after detectives coerced him into testifying again Johnson. Yet another man actually copped to the murder in a sworn affidavit. Even with all the evidence of innocence presented, the state’s Republican district attorney steadfastly fought to keep Johnson behind bars, an appalling miscarriage of justice that should result in the firing and prosecution of all responsible parties.

Biden admin withdraws human rights nomination over his concern for Palestinian human rights
James Cavallaro was nominated last Friday to sit on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, a watchdog group within the Organization for American States which he previously served on. Cavallaro was then informed by the White House on Tuesday that his nomination had been rescinded due to his (correct) characterization of Israel/Palestine as an apartheid regime. It’s a deeply disturbing sign that, when it comes to Israel, criticism of the appalling treatment of Palestinians carries heavy political consequences in the US government and represents a threat to free speech.


Monstrous missives from MAGA ‘Merica

And in the rest of the world…



Required Reading for the Resistance. Actions that make a difference.

Today’s Action: Tell the Atlanta City Council to stop the development of Cop City!

A massive police training center set to be built in Atlanta is threatening 381 acres of publicly owned forest. Brave environmental protesters have been setting up camp with tents in the trees for months, risking arrest and prosecution in defense of green space and common sense. One protester, 26-year-old Tortuguita, was already shot 13 times by police on Jan. 18, in what other activists are calling a state-sanctioned murder. There is zero reason that a privately owned, corporate-funded tactical police training ground is important enough to bulldoze publicly owned forest land… let alone kill people over. Oh, did we mention the price of the project? Nearly $90 million.

With widespread calls for decreased police funding and increased climate action, the proposal to raze forest land for such a facility is grossly out of touch. There are plenty of initiatives that officials in Atlanta could be working on for the betterment of their residents — but instead, constituents’ voices have been ignored in favor of even more deference to law enforcement. Ongoing protests from residents in the area have made it clear that this is NOT what the community wants. One recent survey showed 98% of residents OPPOSE the building of Cop City. How long will it take until Atlanta council members wake up and listen to the actual people they were elected to serve?

Call the Atlanta City Council office at 404-330-6030 or email an Atlanta City Council member and demand they revoke the Cop City permit!

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