Stand with young Texans to stop Republicans’ abortion ban!

While abortions are protected by the Constitution as decided by Roe v Wade, Texas has criminalized the vital medical procedure throughout and threatened to prosecute anyone and everyone involved in helping a woman making this deeply personal choice. Many abortion-seekers are forced to drive to other states for access, never escaping a looming threat of persecution or forced child birth. 

As the legality of the draconian law ping-pongs through the courts, the most extremist Republican legislators continue to infringe on women’s health decisions in Texas.

Add your name to join the young Texans of MOVE Texas in their fight to stop Republicans’ abortion ban!

MOVE Texas is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, grassroots organization building power in underrepresented youth communities through civic education, leadership development, and issue advocacy. They’re working hard to empower young leaders on the issues they care about, which includes abortion access in Texas.

Young Texans deserve the promise of comprehensive healthcare — including abortion care — and the freedom to choose. No matter what. 

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