Stop the voter suppression schemes designed to silence young Texans!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has just signed new redistricting maps into law, which promises another decade of racially and partisan gerrymandered congressional, legislative and State Board of Education maps. The maps fail to represent the growth of the Hispanic community specifically, who contributed to over half of the state’s population boom.

Despite significant growth in the cities of Texas, the redrawn maps prevent voters from having equal voice in the most critical issues facing their home state. Young Texans would be locked into the decisions of anti-voter lawmakers for an entire decade.

Add your name to stand with MOVE Texas to demand a stop the voter suppression schemes designed to silence young Texans!

MOVE Texas is dedicated to ensuring Texans can safely and freely cast their ballots and that elections reflect the will of the people. Governor Abbott and other anti-voter state legislators have relentlessly waged war on equal voting practices over the course of two special sessions instead of addressing the rising COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations or fixing the failing energy grid. 

We must stand strong behind young Texans in their fight against partisan redistricting practices and anti-voter laws attempting to prevent the rising Texas electorate from exercising their fundamental right to vote. 

Sign now to add your voice to the call for an end to voter suppression in Texas!