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Top Stories for March 17:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Marjorie Taylor Greene loses it in unhinged rant

The deranged Georgia congresswoman demanded that America go to war with Mexico (?!) and complained that Putin couldn’t have any heinous agenda because nobody had shown her the plan to invade Europe. All she was missing was a cloud of bong smoke and a couple “heeeeeeey maaaaaans” to really bring the obnoxious conspiracy into full color.

Biden administration orchestrates $30 billion dollar Republic Bank rescue, makes rich banks pay for it
In an extraordinary move, Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen quietly coordinated an historic, private sector lifeline for the battered California bank, securing $30 billion from 11 major US banks to stabilize the teetering lender WITHOUT — and this is important — sticking American taxpayers with the bill.

Take Action: Tell Congress to give free lunches for EVERY student!

A big-business conservative lackey could be elected mayor of a Democratic union city!

Brandon Johnson for Mayor: Paul Vallas has spent his entire career fighting to destroy public education and undermine workers’ rights while cozying up to DeSantis supporters and anti-LGBTQ groups — while Brandon Johnson is building a people-powered, union-backed progressive campaign to become Chicago’s next mayor and put an end to the cycle of crony capitalism, austerity and missed opportunities. Can you chip in to help Brandon Johnson defeat Vallas and keep our unions safe?

Decades later, Senate on track to repeal authorizations for Iraq wars
Next week will mark the 20th anniversary of George W. Bush’s disastrous invasion of Iraq — a war for profit and grift sold to the American public with lies wrapped in the flag that would go on to kill nearly a million people and plunge the entire region into chaos and suffering that continues to this day. The Republican neocons responsible for the lies, the torture, the terror, the massacres, the mass radiation poisoning, the trillions in taxpayer dollars wasted and embezzled away all remain free and unpunished. In fact, many have been uplifted despite their failures and their unspeakable crimes, rewarded for feeding the imperial harvester of blood and treasure and exonerated by the fact that their victims were poor, Muslim, and very far away. Anyway, Congress is about to repeal the authorization of military force that greenlit the second Iraq war, a neat little symbolic footnote to close an uncomfortable chapter in our history that somehow still doesn’t mean we’ll be pulling out the thousands of US soldiers who still remain in Iraq to this day.

Take Action: Tell Congress to raise the minimum wage!

Two dozen Trump aides and Mar-a-Lago staff subpoenaed in special counsel classified documents investigation
While the ongoing Stormy Daniels trial gets all the attention, the special counsel probe into Trump for stealing classified documents is quietly chugging along — and just kicked into high gear as subpoenas for dozens of Trump’s paper weenies and burger-bringers were sent out. “They’re casting an extremely wide net — anyone and everyone who might have seen something,” said a source close to the probe.

Take Action: Tell Congress: Pass the DREAM Act of 2023!

Republican-dominated Kentucky legislature passes sweeping anti-trans bill that bans gender-affirming medical care
Zealots for “sMalL gOVeRnMEnt” in Kentucky’s Republican legislature passed a ban on gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth — over the objections of major medical associations — as well as a “Don’t Say Gay” bill, forcing the misgendering of some students and preventing schools from mentioning sexual identity or orientation. The horrid truth about this legislation is that kids will absolutely die because of it, and Republicans know it.

French government sparks fury as it forces through higher retirement age

President Macron has decided to take the nuclear option and impose his neoliberal austerity on France without a vote from the National Assembly, enraging the already furious protesters who have taken to the streets by the tens of thousands. We hope Americans take some lessons from how hard the French citizenry fight for the benefits they’ve earned — and that Macron is prepared to see a WHOLE lot of le garbage on his lawn.

Tucker Carlson caught committing a fatal mistake

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen Red handed.

🚨 Brian Tyler Cohen launched a Spanish YouTube channel! The left has a huge problem reaching Spanish speaking audiences, and our vote share among Spanish speakers is actually declining, so please spread the Democrats’ message by subscribing to his channel (and watch some videos to get them going in the algorithm) by clicking here.

Texas Republicans announce takeover of Houston’s public school district, the state’s largest
A four-year legal battle is now over as Gov. Greg Abbott’s dirty, no good, plum awful administration enforces the largest school district takeover in US history, which could have disastrous consequences for teachers and students if schools are closed or turned into charters. Another deplorable victory for the right wing in their relentless war against public education.

Paid time off is not part of workers’ “salary,” US court rules
In a huge blow for workers, a three-judge circuit court panel decided that a New Jersey healthcare company could revoke paid time off from its nurses, physical therapists, and social workers if they didn’t meet “productivity levels.” For the record, PTO is NOT a benefit extended by the magnanimous generosity of the company to be withdrawn at any moment as punishment, it is a right that every worker should have access to!

Unearthed genetic sequences from China wet market may point to raccoon dog origin of COVID-19
Florence Débarre, an evolutionary biologist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, says she has identified previously undisclosed genetic data from a food market in Wuhan, China, supporting the theory that coronavirus-infected animals may have triggered the COVID-19 pandemic. Chinese researchers had collected environmental samples from the Huanan Seafood Market, which was connected to a cluster of early COVID-19 cases and despite its name also sold a variety of mammals for food.

China would be among first paid under GOP debt limit plan, Treasury Secretary Yellen says

The unhinged dipshits in the House Freedom Caucus appear intent on forcing America to default on its national debt. To mitigate some of the damage THEY’RE CAUSING, Republicans concocted a hare-brained scheme to “prioritize” some debt repayments over others…and guess who would be first in line but — shock, gasp, horror! — the People’s Republic of China! America First, right?!


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DEEP DIVE: the Iraq War, 20 years later



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Today’s Action: Tell Congress to do MORE to reduce gun violence!

We have already reached 113 mass shootings this calendar year. It’s long past time that we finally begin the job of curbing the epidemic of unspeakable — and very preventable — gun violence and pass the real, meaningful gun safety reform that is supported by a clear majority of Americans.

In the first month of 2023, there were nearly 40 mass shootings throughout the country. Yes, you read that right. That’s more than any other January since the Gun Violence Archives began keeping such records in 2014. Since then, countless more. It’s unacceptable that after so much loss, our elected officials still haven’t managed to advance any meaningful anti-gun violence legislation through Congress. In the United States it is still legal to own an AR-15, the very killing machine that has been used time and time again to murder and maim innocent Americans en masse. AR-15-style rifles were used in the mass murders at Sandy Hook, Parkland, Aurora, Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, the Poway synagogue, the Tree of Life synagogue, the Buffalo supermarket, Uvalde…the list goes on and on — and will continue to be used to massacre innocent civilians unless we finally do something about it.

Call (202.224.3121) or email your representatives and demand Congress immediately take action to ban AR-15s and other assault rifles!

Once the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) signed into law by President Clinton in 1994 expired in 2004, the number of deaths in mass shootings skyrocketed. Assault rifles are specifically designed to kill on the battlefield; there is no reason they should ever be in civilian hands.

There were 735 mass shootings in the United States last year, up from 693 in 2021. Excluding suicide, there were 20,726 gun deaths in 2021, as well. According to the Washington Post, a child is shot every hour in America. We simply cannot stand idly by and let 2023 continue this horrific trend. The cause of this problem is clear — it’s the guns!

Call (202.224.3121) or email your representatives to demand Congress ban assault weapons immediately!

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