Tell the NCAA to reconsider their new anti-trans policy!

Target: President Mark Emmert and the NCAA Board of Governors

The NCAA has decided to change guidelines that were created alongside LGBTQ+ advocates and athletes seemingly overnight. The new policy does not protect against invasive procedures and treatments, nor does it comply with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s current Standards of Care. 

The first set of guidelines, developed alongside trans and nonbinary athletes, required uniform horomone therapy requirements in all sports. Now, the new policy is vague and confusing – that eligibility requirements for transgender athletes will be up to the national governing body of each sport. It’s to replace the previous policy immediately, despite involving zero trans and nonbinary athletes in the decision. 

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It’s extremely concerning that the NCAA didn’t include the input of transgender and nonbinary athletes themselves, and instead rushed a late-night statement. When it comes to policies that impact them, the community deserves collaboration and transparency. This policy continues to place the burden on college-aged athletes to prove they do not have unfair advantages because of who they are. 

This update does not align with the NCAA’s decade-plus history of leading trans inclusion in sports. To continue being a leader in the inclusion of transgender athletes, this policy must be reconsidered immediately.

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