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Top Stories for October 11:

New emails dismantle Trump accusation that GSA responsible for stolen docs stored at Mar-a-Lago

The disgraced ex-president and his allies are floating a new excuse — that the Government Services Agency is to blame for any classified documents seized by the FBI — but newly released White House emails outright debunk their latest lies.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fed up John Fetterman finally buries Dr. Oz in must-see smackdown

The Democratic frontrunner in Pennsylvania’s closely watched Senate race destroyed his GOP opponent in yet another brutal takedown of the feckless Trump acolyte.

Take Action: Charge Dr. Oz for killing and cruelly abusing hundreds of dogs!

The death knell for Herschel Walker’s campaign

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen He won’t come back from this.

More bad news for Ron DeSantis as migrant trafficking backlash worsens
Florida’s MAGA governor has been hit with a third lawsuit over his deplorable decision to lure migrants onto planes bound for Martha’s Vineyard under false promises of jobs in Boston and elsewhere.

Take Action: Pass the Congressional stock trading ban!

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents lawyer questioned by federal investigators
Christina Bobb signed the now infamous letter declaring that there were no classified documents in Trump’s possession just weeks before thousands of them were seized during the FBI raid.

Take Action: Call on President Biden to commit to phasing out fossil fuels!

Top GOP senators to campaign with Herschel Walker despite ongoing abortion debacle

Republicans Tom Cotton and Rick Scott are circling the wagons around the absentee father and abortions-for-me-but-not-for-you charlatan as the depraved party of “family values” once again shows the only thing it truly values is power.

Democrats sound the alarm as election denier leads in Nevada secretary of state race
Republican Jim Marchant, who has publicly promised to secure Trump’s victory in 2024, has pulled ahead of his Democratic rival in the crucial swing state.

A historic victory is within our grasp

OD Action Partner: We just have to take it! Polls show key Midwestern Senate races are so tight, they’re within the margin of error. We have an incredible opportunity to expand our Senate majority and win in places nobody thought we could just a year ago. Will you support United Rural Democrats and help propel our Senate candidates to victory?

Sparks fly in only debate between deadlocked Ohio Senate candidates
Democrat Tim Ryan wasted no time going on offense against Trump lackey JD Vance as the two remain in a virtual tie in polls with Election Day just weeks away.

Key Senate Democrat urges US to freeze cooperation with Saudis
Bob Menendez, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, called for a pause of all arms sales to, and security cooperation with, Saudi Arabia after OPEC announced plans to abruptly cut oil production, sending gas prices soaring.

Bombshell 1/6 witness Cassidy Hutchinson now cooperating in Georgia election fraud probe
The former aide to Mark Meadows blew the 1/6 committee hearings wide open when she testified in June. Now Georgia prosecutors will learn what she knows about the White House’s efforts to steal the election in their state.

LA city council president resigns after appalling, racist audio recordings leaked
Councilmember Nury Martinez has relinquished her position as council president but will keep her seat on the council itself, at least for now, even as calls for her to fully resign continue to grow.


Once upon a time in America

It’s a mad mad mad mad world


Today’s Action: Get out the vote for Raphael Warnock and Stacey Abrams in Georgia!

Election Day is just four weeks away. The stakes could not be higher in Georgia, where Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock are working to build on historic gains made in 2020 and turn the Peach State a deeper shade of blue. The outcome of their respective campaigns will have a profound impact on the fate of progressive causes in Georgia and beyond, and we need every available progressive to step up and help them defeat their Republican opponents on November 8th. Phone banking is one of the best ways that you can help get out the vote in this upcoming election — luckily, plenty of organizations are hosting virtual events you can join right from your couch!

The margin of error for retaining Democratic control of the US Senate is far too close for comfort. A single seat could mean the difference between advancing our progressive agenda or watching Mitch McConnell dismantle our many hard-fought gains from the past two years. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional or a registered voter in Georgia to join this fight. Just be ready to do good work!

Our Revolution is hosting phone banks for Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock, and other progressive candidates from 5-7 PM EDT every Tuesday and Wednesday until Election Day. If you can participate in just one session, the voters you reach could push Democrats over the top and help deliver crucial victories next month.

Our work does not stop in Georgia. There are progressives all across the country that need your help getting out the vote in November. Filter through virtual phone- and text-banking events through Mobilize. Critical issues and fundamental freedoms are on the line this election, including reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, and climate mitigation — everything we’ve worked so tirelessly for. Do your part for a truly progressive future!


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