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Top Stories for March 18:

Trump predicts imminent arrest, calls for protests

The disgraced ex-president appeared to admit he’s going to be arrested next Tuesday in a wild Truth Social rant in which he called for protests and for his fans to “take our nation back,” amid other invectives hurled about the “illegal leaks!” Oh right — did we mention that Donald Trump is apparently about to be ARRESTED in the Stormy Daniels hush money case? For real this time? ARRESTED! With HAND CUFFS. By LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Take Action: Disbar the 15 state attorneys general who dispute the 2020 election!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: NY law enforcement agencies call meeting to prep for Trump’s indictment

The Manhattan district attorney’s office has asked for a meeting with law enforcement agencies to discuss the logistics and planning of what would be the first time in U.S. history that a former President faces charges in court. Sources expect that maybe, finally, pinky swear for real this time, a bonafide high-caliber 100% beef Built Ford Tough indictment WILL be coming down next week.

Take Action: Reject the GOP’s plan to ban Women and Gender Studies from Florida colleges!

Tucker Carlson caught committing a fatal mistake

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen Red handed.

🚨 Brian Tyler Cohen launched a Spanish YouTube channel! The left has a huge problem reaching Spanish speaking audiences, and our vote share among Spanish speakers is actually declining, so please spread the Democrats’ message by subscribing to his channel (and watch some videos to get them going in the algorithm) by clicking here.

Wyoming becomes the first state to enact full ban of abortion pills
Governor Mark Gordon signed a bill banning medication-induced abortions Friday and will allow another near-complete ban on abortion to go into effect without his signature. The law is set to take effect on July 1 and would make it illegal to “prescribe, dispense, distribute, sell or use any drug for the purpose of procuring or performing an abortion.” As infuriating and degrading as this is, we also know this is just the beginning. This is happening in red states now, but they won’t stop until it’s illegal in EVERY state in the union.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the PRO Act and protect worker’s rights!

Former Air Force officer gets prison time for role in 1/6 insurrection
Texas Trump supporter Larry Rendall Brock was convicted and sentenced to two years in jail for storming the capitol during the January 6th attack Trump supporters hoped would overturn the results of the 2020 election. Multiple photos of Brock on the floor of the Senate chamber wearing a combat helmet and tactical gear and showing off zip-ties went viral in the aftermath of the attack.

Marjorie Taylor Greene demands end to Trump probes before debt ceiling raised

In what might be her most laughable, ridiculous, transparently Trump-worshipping idea yet, the congresswoman from Georgia has added “defunding all ongoing Trump investigations currently being conducted by the Department of Justice” to the list of demands extreme right-wing Republicans insist be met before they’ll raise the debt ceiling. That this move sends the message that she’s literally willing to crash the entire American economy just to secure her lifetime membership to Mar-a-Lago seems to bother MTG not one bit.

Take Action: Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees!

Democrats are taking drastic measures to clean up the Party’s mess in New York
After a humiliating state-wide showing in the 2022 midterm elections, where Democrats lost 4 seats to Republicans in the deep blue Empire State – including the district in Queens won by former astronaut and virtuoso concert pianist George Santos – the national Democratic Party has begun to work around state and local party leaders who can’t seem to find anyone to hold accountable, including state chair Jay Jacobs, who has refused to resign despite multiple calls to do so. Now, D.C.-based PACs and party leaders are raising their own money and creating their own war rooms to reestablish order, setting up a clash with state party bosses.

Take Action: Tell Congress: Pass the DREAM Act of 2023!

Trump Media executives are freaking out over $8 million in shady Russian loans
As has been widely reported, the soon-to-be-indicted former president’s much-hyped so-called “rival” to Twitter, Truth Social, had a bit of a rough takeoff and, well, hasn’t really achieved much altitude since. What hasn’t been reported, until now, is that even that low-energy takeoff wouldn’t have happened without last minute emergency loans taken out by Trump from sketchy entities with direct ties to — you guessed it! — Russian oligarchs linked to Vladimir Putin. Internal emails between Truth Social executives show they are VERY worried they are about those loans, because they almost certainly violate money-laundering statues.

Inside the private group where parents give ivermectin to kids with autism
The COVID-era obsession with the horse dewormer ivermectin with “certain Americans” has only gotten worse, as many also think it can be used to cure disabilities. “I have been applying ivermectin liquid to my granddaughter’s feet, belly button, and swabbing her ears for six weeks now. She complains of sporadic blurry vision and sometimes headaches,” wrote one user on the terrifyingly named “Learning to Fly” channel on Telegram. It’s terrifying to think that people could be so alienated from the institution of modern healthcare that they’re turning to literal horse paste as a miracle cure-all for their loved ones — but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if people could, you know, access healthcare without going bankrupt.

Trump told aides DeSantis would be at “a law firm or a Pizza Hut” without him
In an anecdote so on-brand it has to be 100% true, the failed insurrectionist-in-chief apparently held court on his “Trump Force One” jet before his recent rally in Iowa, and regaled his sycophants with tales of how his initial endorsement of Ron DeSantis turned him into the Republican juggernaut he is today – all over a generous helping of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Like we said: totally on-brand.

Biden calls for tougher penalties for execs of failed banks
President Biden is fed up with bankers repeatedly crashing their banks and nearly taking the economy with it — and has called on Congress to allow regulators to make them pay for their reckless actions by way of seizing their bonuses, levying fines, and banning certain offenders from ever working in banking again. This needs to happen most ASAPLY! For far too long, America’s big banks have cried for rescue whenever their bets don’t pay off and go back to business as usual the second they get a bailout. Enough is enough!


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