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Top Stories for March 21:

Fox News producer accuses network of coercion, setting her up to take blame in Dominion defamation case

Abby Grossberg, a senior Fox News producer in charge of booking guests for fascist rabble-rouser Tucker Carlson and fervent Trump cheerleader Maria Bartiromo, accused network lawyers of aggressively coercing her to give misleading testimony in the $1.6 billion Dominion Voting defamation case and setting her up to take the blame for the network’s incessant promotion of bogus election conspiracy theories. Grossberg also said she personally witnessed multiple instances of sexist and antisemitic behavior by other Fox News employees, which we here at atAdvocacy find absolutely shocking, shocking, we tell you.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump lands serious blow to DeSantis as GOP feud explodes

The feud between Trump and Meatball Ron has slipped even deeper into the gutter after the callous and crude ex-president implied not only that DeSantis cavorted with underage individuals, but that he’s also a closeted gay man.

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Republicans make fatal mistake amid impending Trump indictment

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen. What a dumb move…

🚨 Brian Tyler Cohen launched a Spanish YouTube channel! The left has a huge problem reaching Spanish speaking audiences, and our vote share among Spanish speakers is actually declining, so please spread the Democrats’ message by subscribing to his channel (and watch some videos to get them going in the algorithm) by clicking here.

Trump loses last bid to keep key evidence out of rape trial
The courtroom blows just keep on coming for the disgraced ex-president. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan in Manhattan ruled that key witnesses will be allowed to testify and misogynistic remarks Trump made about women in 2005 when he apparently didn’t realize he was being recorded can be played for a jury that will hear quarter-century-old rape allegations made by former magazine columnist, E. Jean Carroll.

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NYPD scrambles to erect barricades ahead of possible Trump indictment
Authorities are expected to indict and possibly even arrest the disgraced ex-president soon, and given the demonstrated violent nature of his more rabid supporters, New York police are preparing for the worst possible eventualities. Barricades have already been erected and preparations are expected to escalate as the hour draws closer.

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“The climate time-bomb is ticking”: The world is running out of time to avoid catastrophe, new UN report warns

Unfortunately, the most pressing issue of our time — climate change — often falls to the wayside as our attention gets monopolized by the 24-hour news cycle and a constant barrage of stimuli from our devices. A new report, drawing on the findings of hundreds of scientists, should serve as a stark wake up call. It details how the world is rapidly approaching catastrophic levels of heating with international climate goals set to slip out of reach unless immediate and radical action is taken. Electing Democrats alone is not enough to tackle this problem; we have a responsibility to constantly write and call our representatives to let them know that they cannot take their eyes off the ball. This crisis MUST be addressed.

Take Action: Tell Congress to cut the Pentagon’s budget and help the people!

Texas abortion law forces woman to continue dangerous pregnancy despite fatal anomaly
Despite her fetus having a severe, inoperable condition impacting the development of its brain that will lead to a brief and very painful life and death, Texan Kylie Beaton is unable to access abortion care due to the theocratic Republican stranglehold over her state’s government. We see yet again that anti-abortion politics are not about “protecting life,” they’re about controlling women’s bodies. Full stop.

Proud Boys get unwelcome reception at NYC drag queen story hour
Members of the pro-Trump fascist militia showed up expecting to harass drag queens for daring to be different but soon discovered that New Yorkers had no interest in tolerating their bigoted bullshit. Several Proud Boys were filmed fleeing as locals followed them and relentlessly voiced their, um, displeasure. Back to mom’s basement, boys!

JPMorgan Chase can be sued by Virgin Islands over Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking claims
Good. Now can we finally get a full release of the names tied to modern history’s most infamous pedophile?

Student killed in shooting at Dallas area high school; classmate charged with capital murder
A student is in custody and facing a capital murder charge after police say he fatally shot a classmate and injured another on the front steps of Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas, Monday morning. Republicans — and their NRA benefactors’ relentless sandbagging of common-sense gun laws — will continue to cause unchecked bloodshed, tragedy, and heartache until they are ousted from government altogether. Please vote these negligent sociopaths out at your earliest opportunity.

Six Oath Keepers convicted in connection with January 6 US Capitol riot
Fashioning yourself in a MAGA fascist mold turns out to be a losing bet as proven by yet another slew of indictments. Six more members of the far-right Oath Keepers militia have been convicted for storming the Capitol during Trump’s failed insurrection. Federal authorities should keep prosecuting these people until every last one of them is sitting in a jail cell.


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Abortion rights are taking center stage once again, this time in Wisconsin, where progressive voters have a chance to flip control of the state Supreme Court and help restore equitable access to reproductive healthcare. Securing Democratic seats on the state’s high court could spell the end of the current, near-total abortion ban that’s been on the books since 1849. And since Republican gerrymandering in Wisconsin is some of the most egregious in the country, this may be our best chance at restoring reproductive rights for marginalized people currently being denied equitable access to care.

While progressives have managed to deliver a string of recent statewide abortion-rights victories in the wake of last summer’s disastrous SCOTUS ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, we must be steadfast in our pursuit to restore and preserve access to the millions of folks living in Republican-dominated red states. The battle for reproductive healthcare is raging, and we must stand ready to fight.

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