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Top Stories for December 3:

Obama becomes Herschel Walker’s worst nightmare with line of the year

Barack’s still got it…and he got Walker real good!

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Musk leaks Twitter’s Hunter Biden files to widespread yawns
As part of his desperate and deeply pathetic crusade to get the right-wing to like him, Elon Musk has released the “Hunter Files,” with the help of once respected journalist Matt Taibbi, who traded a career as a respected journalist for a higher paying gig as right-wing shill. The “Hunter Files” is an in-depth look at how the tech giant took steps to halt the dissemination of stolen pictures of Hunter Biden’s penis to the general public. Yes, seriously. And the big reveal was so pathetic, even MAGA die hards expressed frustration with Elon’s vapid showmanship.

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WATCH: Kanye West confirms what we already knew

OD Action Partner: We wonder if the GOP will still be really big fans of him after this one, or if they’ll try to pretend like they don’t remember history either.

The Pentagon fails yet another budget audit, rewarded with massive new budget
Congress approved a massive $847 billion military budget for the coming fiscal year, despite the Department of Defense’s failure to account for more than 60% of its assets in last month’s audit. It appears there is no amount of corruption, grift, or criminal negligence that will stop our elected officials from pouring ever-increasingly large amounts of taxpayer money into the Pentagon and the blood profiteers that leech off it.

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Denver police sued for rampaging through elderly Black woman’s home searching for stolen iPhone
The DPD SWAT team obtained a very questionable warrant, used a battering ram on the garage door, and turned 77-year-old Ruby Johnson’s home inside out looking for an effing iPhone – and then found nothing. Now the ACLU is suing for violating her constitutional rights.

Notorious Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin welcomed back to Twitter

Anglin runs a Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, and his publicly stated goal is to “ethnically cleanse White nations of non-Whites.” He’s been banned for over a decade, but ELon “Mr. Free Speech” Musk is intent on letting literally the worst people in the world back into the forums of public discussion. Can’t see how this could go wrong, nope, not one bit.

Take Action: Tell Congress to expel the Republicans who plotted with Trump!

Kanye kicked off Twitter after posting swastika, embarrassing photos of Elon
Weeks of blatant antisemitism on and offline didn’t seem to move Musk to ban the hate-spewing rapper, but tweeting an image of an altered Star of David with a swastika woven into it appeared to cross the line. Posting an unflattering topless photo of Musk probably didn’t help Ye’s cause either.

Elon Musk’s far-right Twitter gamble backfires

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Study: Police helicopter programs don’t actually do anything
So, it turns out that the millions of taxpayer dollars police departments swallow up for the privilege of flying helicopters over poor Black and Latino neighborhoods at 3 AM isn’t accomplishing anything beyond disrupting sleep, causing health problems, and raising local news ratings during car chases.

Savannah teen shot while canvassing for Warnock campaign
An unnamed 15-year-old volunteer for Sen. Raphael Warnock’s campaign was shot while knocking on doors in the coastal Georgia city, suffering a serious gunshot wound in the leg. Sadly, since the rise of Trump, that’s the kind of southern hospitality one has come to expect these days.

Alex Jones files for personal bankruptcy after $1.5 billion in Sandy Hook rulings
Jones acknowledged the filing on his Infowars broadcast, saying the case will prove that he’s broke. He also begged viewers to buy supplements on his website to help keep his show on the air. No word if he’ll be selling jars of his tears as well.

Indiana judge refuses to block draconian probe into 10-year-old’s abortion
Judge Heather Welch will allow Attorney General Todd Rokita’s virtue-signaling investigation into the doctor who publicly admitted to performing the abortion on the young rape victim from neighboring Ohio to continue, because that’s life in states under GOP control, folks.


Progress, perhaps?

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