Tell President Biden to take action against DeSantis for his reckless pandemic response!

President Biden

Refusing to mandate masks this school year is not just a mistake, it’s criminal. Some Republican governors have gone so far as to attempt to block all mask mandates in their states, but Governor DeSantis of Florida didn’t just stop there. Once he received push back for banning mask requirements at school, where thousands of children ineligible for the vaccine were to attend, he threatened to remove funding from districts that prioritized their students’ safety. 

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DeSantis has not only targeted school-age children, he’s also targeting government workers. The careless Governor has threatened to fine local governments that implement a vaccine mandate $5,000 for every worker. 

Governor DeSantis is putting all of his constituents at risk because of his own Republican conspiracy fueled ideas about the pandemic. Vaccines work, masks work — we know this. 

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