Investigate Rand Paul for insider trading!

Target: The Department of Justice

It’s come out that Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) wife bought stock in Gilead Sciences, the makers of a COVID-19 antiviral drug, in February of 2020 — well before the Coronavirus was classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. This is because Rand Paul waited 16 months to disclose this investment after the 45-day reporting deadline in the STOCK Act, a law that works to prevent insider trading.

While Rand Paul claims that the reason for not reporting was simply due to oversight, the “oversight” raises questions about whether or not the Pauls intended to profit off of a global health emergency.

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Within the 45-day reporting window, news of multiple other members of Congress potentially engaging in insider trading with pandemic related stock came out. It makes no sense that these announcements would not cause Paul to reassess his own reporting, and ensure that it was well tended to. 

Whether the report failure was due to incompetence or something more villainous — Paul broke the law, and contributed to the weakening of the public’s trust in government.

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