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Top Stories for October 29:

Paul Pelosi’s attacker ID’d as Trump supporter and QAnon follower

Let’s be really clear. This man is disturbed, and he’s not alone. We know that, you know that, and Republicans know that when they spout their hate, they are putting lives in danger. Their whole MAGA party is culpable in this violence.

Take Action: Kick Marjorie Taylor Greene out of Congress for promoting dangerous white supremacist conspiracies!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham humiliate themselves at Herschel Walker rally

The hypocrisy of the so-called “pro-life” and “family values” party was on full display as the two GOP strawmen shamelessly endorsed a man accused of pressuring two women he impregnated to have abortions and then paying for them – an option he has pledged to deny others.

Take Action: Demand the Senate reject Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban!

McConnell’s hand-picked Republican is still running elections in one of the largest BLUE cities in the South

OD Action Partner: Louisville, Kentucky, has just one citywide Republican elected official — a handpicked McConnell disciple who oversees — of all things — elections. This year she has a strong challenge from Democrat Tina Ward-Pugh in a race that could be a game changer for voting rights for years to come. Can you chip in to make sure Democrats in Kentucky can exercise their right to vote?

Steven Bannon co-conspirator convicted in border wall fraud scheme
Timothy Shea was found guilty by a federal grand jury of defrauding donors in an online fundraising scheme to raise public funds for Trump’s border wall – the same crime Trump pardoned Bannon for in the final hours of his presidency.

Take Action: Arrest Steve Bannon for threatening Dr. Fauci and his family!

Election deniers win in court as judge green-lights voter intimidation at drop boxes
The ironically named Clean Elections USA group has called on right-wing activists to swarm Arizona ballot drop box locations and “surveil voters” for non-existent voter harvesting. A federal judge ruled that this didn’t constitute a threat to voters – and could proceed.

Take Action: Keep Trump off Facebook!

Publishing world erupts over Amy Coney Barrett’s 7 figure book deal

Hundreds of publishing industry insiders sign letter demanding Penguin Random House rescind Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s $2 million book deal because of her pivotal role overturning Roe v. Wade.

Take Action: Demand Justice Thomas recuse himself from democracy-destroying case!

US colleges fear SCOTUS preparing to end affirmative action in admissions
Longtime affirmative action opponents are challenging race-conscious college admissions practices at the Supreme Court Monday, and academic institutions fear 4-decades of high court precedents protecting them could meet the same fate as Roe.

Democrats now in striking distance of a surprise Senate flip

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Capitol Police officer guilty of obstruction after colluding with 1/6 rioter
Former US Capitol Police officer Michael Riley was found guilty of obstruction for deleting his own messages to an insurrection participant urging them to remove a post they made about entering the Capitol on January 6th.

Truth Social’s mysterious investors finally revealed in SEC filings
A new report confirms that a Trump-loving oil tycoon and former political appointees and staff were among the motley crew of investors that got the former grifter-in-chief’s Twitter wannabe vanity project off the ground.

Trump Homeland Security officials gathered intel on Oregon BLM protesters
Extensive intelligence dossiers were compiled on protestors arrested during the 2020 demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd, according to reports that were recently unredacted by the Biden Administration.

Virginia’s GOP governor makes despicable joke about Paul Pelosi attack
Glenn Youngkin told a crowd at a campaign rally that, “…there’s no room for violence anywhere, but we’re going to send [Nancy Pelosi] back to be with him in California.”


America fiddles…

…As the world burns


Today’s Action: Get out the vote for John Fetterman!

John Fetterman is the Democratic candidate for the most flippable US Senate seat in the country and the only Pennsylvanian running for the Pennsylvania race. We need all hands on deck across the country to help secure his victory. Fetterman, the Keystone State’s current lieutenant governor, spent 13 years as the mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, where he passionately served the people of his community. He has long been a dedicated progressive, even going so far as to officiate one of the first same-sex marriages in Pennsylvania when state laws at the time continued to push antiquated and discriminatory policies.

The margin of error for keeping the Senate in Democratic hands is far too thin for comfort, but we can take action to ensure we keep power and continue advancing our critical progressive agenda. Democrats’ path to keeping Mitch McConnell from another disastrous run as Senate majority leader runs right through Pennsylvania. Phone-banking is one of the most effective ways you can pitch in from afar. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional; just be ready to do good work.

Our Revolution is hosting phone banks for John Fetterman’s race EVERY WEDNESDAY from 6:30-8:30 PM EDT until Election Day. If you can take part in just one session, the voters you reach could help tip the scales and flip  Pennsylvania.

The fight for a truly progressive future does not end with Fetterman. There are committed Democratic candidates all across the country that need your help getting out the vote next month. You can filter through virtual phone- and text-banking events through Mobilize. So many critical issues are on the line this election — reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, justice reform — everything we’ve fought so hard for! It’s never been more important to get out the vote and work for real change in America. Join the fight and do your part today!


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