Tell the Senate to pass the Equality Act!

Target: United States Senate

June is Pride Month, the time we pay tribute to those involved in the Stonewall riots of 1969, celebrate our LGBTQ+ communities, and spotlight the ongoing fight for true equality — which is still far from a reality. A year after it’s introduction, the Equality Act is still in limbo in a stagnant Senate while LGBTQ+ people across the country continue to face discrimination.

The rainbow marketing strategies and empty statements of allyship mean nothing if there are no federal protections for LGBTQ+ people. Our Members of Congress have a duty to protect one of our most marginalized communities from bigotry like the 238 bills that have made the rounds in state legislatures this year alone.

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Idaho lawmakers who threatened to jail librarians who “let” minors check out “harmful” materials (the only content mentioned was LGBTQ+, of course.) A legislative package that the Human Rights Campaign called “the most anti-transgender legislative package ever passed” made it all the way to the signature of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey this year. Transgender kids being forced out of their bathrooms and sports teams, actively put in danger. The infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill out of Florida. These are just a few of the horrific displays of hatred exhibited by elected officials this year.

President Biden released a proclamation renewing his call for the passage of the Equality Act — it’s about time our senators get the job done.

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