Demand Marjorie Taylor Greene be prosecuted for perjury!

On April 22nd, notorious insurrectionist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was finally forced to face the music, testifying under oath in court as part of a lawsuit attempting to bar her from running for re-election for her role in inciting the January 6th attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters.

All of a sudden, the usually hyperaggressive and defiant Congresswoman was at a loss for words, unable to recall the things that she had said and done, despite there being a mountain of evidence from her own social media accounts.

Desperate to keep herself from committing perjury, Taylor Greene denied and denied and denied that she remembered anything at all about the events of the past three years. This is obviously a lie in and of itself.

Tell the court to prosecute Marjorie Taylor Greene for perjury!

While her sudden bout of amnesia will make it more difficult, since a prosecutor would now have to prove that she is lying about not remembering, the trove of preserved social media evidence and video from Greene’s public appearances is definitely enough to make a case — and the newly released Mark Meadows text messages proves she lied on the stand when she said that she thought “antifa or BLM” was responsible for the attack.

It’s far past time Marjorie Taylor Greene faced consequences for her heinous actions.

Demand Marjorie Taylor Greene be prosecuted for perjury!