Prosecute Trump for stealing classified documents from the White House!

Target: The United States Department of Justice and Attorney General Garland

15 boxes of documents confiscated from ex-President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home contained sensitive documents and classified information that by law should have been turned over to the US National Archives at the end of his term in office.

National archivist David S. Ferriero wrote a letter outlining his concerns and highlighted Trump’s inability to abide by basic record-keeping laws. For a party supposedly insistent on strictly following the rules when it comes to handling sensitive information, the GOP sure has let Trump get away with a lot.

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New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney said the boxes retrieved “confirmed that potentially many more Trump administration records, including direct messages sent by senior officials on multiple social media platforms, are missing.”

Regardless of what Trump wants his followers to believe, his incompetence is not “fake news” or a political witch hunt by Democrats. The Trump administration fundamentally failed to properly preserve troves of records from his disasterous presidential term, jeopardizing national security with their brazen disregard for the law.

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