Hold brutal cops accountable – end qualified immunity!

Target: United States Congress

Qualified immunity: What began (allegedly) as an attempt to protect cops from frivolous lawsuits has quickly spiraled into near-universal protection for law enforcement, giving police officers the ability to violate rights and brutalize civilians…as long as it’s done in an original way.

It’s killing Black people and leaving families without justice.

Add your name to demand Congress ends qualified immunity to hold police accountable for excessive force!

The call to end qualified immunity has been on the forefront of the protests and movement to end police brutality toward Black people. 

That’s because qualified immunity offers cops sweeping protections against the endless variety of crimes they commit – from shooting a ten-year-old child bystander, to stealing $225,000 from a pair of businessmen under search warrant, to destroying a family’s home with tear gas grenades, to exactly the type of excessive force that killed George Floyd in 2020.

If we are ever going to be able to hold cops accountable for their systemic excessive acts of violence against Black communities, ending qualified immunity is one of the first steps.

Black lives matter. Sign here to demand Congress ends qualified immunity for law enforcement.