Call upon the US, the UN, and the EU to support and rebuild Ukraine!

Target: The United States, United Nations, and European Union

With the world watching in abject horror, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s forces have slogged deeper into Ukraine, unleashing indiscriminate death and destruction along the way. Putin’s hopes for a quick and decisive victory have largely evaporated, but the larger mission remains clear — to crush the spirit of the Ukrainian people and overthrow their democratically elected government. Russia must be stopped, and Putin must pay.

As Western leaders continue to roll out crushing sanctions against Putin’s regime, and as frustration grows at the Russian army’s slower-than-expected progress, the “restraint” Russia has shown thus far will doubtlessly be discarded in favor of more heedless brutality and devastation. Heavy civilian casualties are already being reported in several Ukrainian cities, as Putin’s forces have unleashed withering rocket attacks on residential neighborhoods in bewildering and shocking displays of cruelty.

Tell the international community to pledge their support for Ukraine!

The bravery and defiance that Ukraine has shown in the face of overwhelming force is truly remarkable, and we need to make sure the Ukrainian people get everything they need to keep going — and to pick up the pieces once this nightmare is finally over.

The international community must provide Ukraine with the humanitarian relief and defensive supplies they need to win the war and the resources they’ll undoubtedly need to rebuild.

Tell the US, the UN, and the EU to commit to supporting and rebuilding Ukraine!