Tax the rich to pass the Democrats budget reconciliation plan!

The United States Congress

There’s still a group of 11 House Democrats that are trying to stand in the way of Biden’s 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation bill, one that would be a monumental investment in working families and the fight against climate change. The full $3.5 trillion could absolutely be raised through taxes on the wealthy and corporations, but the Democrats on the fence are joining Republicans in pushing for less resources to be divested into our communities.

Democrats have already compromised on other priorities in the reconciliation bill, we need to demand the passage of the full plan as soon as possible.

Add your name to tell Congress it’s time to pass the Democrats’ budget reconciliation plan, and to tax the rich for the cost!

The wealth of corporations and billionaires has only increased over the pandemic (1.8 trillion in the first year and a half, to be exact) while much of working America has struggled to stay on their feet. The wealth gap in the US today is even bigger than it was in France right before the French Revolution… but still mega billionaires like Jeff Bezos don’t always pay federal income taxes

The reconciliation would affect the wealthiest very little while benefiting working families a whole lot. The time to make these investments is now — and there is no reason to wait.

Sign now to demand Congress invest in working families by passing the Democrats’ budget reconciliation plan and taxing the rich!