Reduce our military budget when we withdraw from Afghanistan!

Target: President Biden

President Biden has a goal to pull our military from Afghanistan by mid-July – ending America’s longest war. The unnecessary and devastating conflict has cost up to $50 billion a year in American taxpayer money. Which means the end of this war should allow an accompanying reduction in military spending…so that we can use that money for desperately needed domestic issues that Republicans always insist “we can’t afford.”

Sign here to demand President Biden cuts the $50 billion/year from military spending when the war in Afghanistan ends! 

23 Members of Congress have written to President Biden with this request. They correctly point out how much of an impact $50 billion/year could make in addressing basic human rights needs in our country, from ending homelessness to increasing health care access to continuing to battle the pandemic.

The war in Afghanistan is a 20-year stain in our history: 40,000 Afghan civilians and over 2,000 American troops dead. Let’s use that $50 billion to improve lives…not destroy them.

Add your name to tell President Biden to remove the cost of the war in Afghanistan from the military budget, and reinvest that $50 billion/year into human rights domestic priorities!