Tell Biden to raise the refugee cap to 125,000 without delay!

Target: President Biden

Disgraced ex-President Trump lowered our country’s cap on refugees to 15,000 a year as part of his overarching xenophobic white supremacist agenda. 

And President Biden made a promise to raise Trump’s cap to 125,000 a year — but unless he signs the presidential determination to make it happen, we’re currently on track to allow even fewer refugees this year than we did under Trump or any other modern president.

It’s time for Biden to follow through on his campaign promise.

Add your name to demand Biden signs the presidential determination to finalize the refugee cap change to 125,000 a year!

The refugee program relocates thousands of people in serious danger in their home countries due to warfare, human rights issues, environmental disasters, and more – and it was unforgivable that the richest country in the world blocked safe passage to over a hundred thousand desperate people a year under Trump.

President Biden has the right idea expanding our refugee program to 125,000 a year…he just needs to act on it!

Sign here to tell President Biden not to delay on his campaign promise a day longer – raise the refugee cap to 125,000 NOW!