Tell Justin Trudeau to acknowledge and repair Canada’s current bigoted system against First Nations

Target: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The bodies of over 200 children have been found buried near a former Indigenous residential school in British Columbia, Canada. The school was one of many state-funded institutions that forcibly removed hundreds of thousands of First Nations children from their families (as recently as the 1990’s), physically and sexually abusing many as they stripped the children of their heritage, religions, and languages.

Add your name to demand Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledge the former Indigenous residential school system is part of a present-day bigoted system against First Nations peoples – and then fix it.

First Nations people today (some of whom are living survivors of these schools, while others are direct descendants) live under and struggle with the legacy and consequences of this cultural erasure and violence, in addition to the present-day bigoted system. The en masse abuse and isolation at residential schools of the past has been cited as the root cause of today’s widespread alcoholism and drug addiction on reservations.

The entire tragic and deadly history of these schools demands a fresh examination and reckoning.

Sign here to demand the Canadian Government investigate the way residential schools directly contributed to today’s bigoted system against First Nations peoples and invest in tribes to repair the generational damage.