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Trump’s tax returns to be released today after yearslong fight

Top Stories for December 30:

Andrew Tate arrested after his “clapback” video to Greta Thunberg gave away his location

Right-wing “manosphere” influencer Andrew Tate, a truly vile person who peddles virulent dehumanizing misogyny and “pick-up artist” manipulation tutorials online, made the mistake of getting into a spat with climate activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter yesterday. Her clapback infuriated him so much that he posted a video that accidentally exposed his location, leading to his arrest for sex trafficking and rape. It’s been a huge year for self-owns by the worst people on the planet, but this one might take the cake. Rot in jail, scumbag.

Take Action: Demand the firing of the oil company execs who joked about sexually assaulting Greta Thunberg

VIDEO OF THE DAY: BREAKING: Jamie Raskin issues serious announcement

Our hearts are with Rep. Raskin in this tough time. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

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Jamie Raskin issues bad news for Trump

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: About time.

US Virgin Islands sues JPMorgan Chase over Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking
Finally, the dam begins to break. Serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking network did not operate in a vacuum; his payments to recruiters and victims traveled through legitimate financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase, which curiously chose to turn a blind eye to the ultrawealthy predator’s depraved activities. “JPMorgan knowingly, negligently, and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid and was indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise,” states the lawsuit filed by the Virgin Islands. Epstein and his prominent unindicted associates used the Virgin Island of Little Saint James for sex trafficking and countless acts of sexual abuse. While the monster himself may be rotting in hell right now, all those who participated in and enabled the wide-ranging trafficking operation still walk free — and it’s long past time law enforcement began holding them accountable.

Take Action: Investigate Republicans who could be constitutionally disqualified from holding office!

President Biden signs $1.7 trillion government spending bill, ensuring funding for most of 2023
The looming standoff between the White House and the feral miscreants in the GOP House majority over funding the government has been successfully punted to next September. The bill contains $773 billion for non-defense discretionary spending and $858 billion for defense spending, an outrageous disparity that should provoke outrage in any American who is tired of seeing our tax dollars funneled into the pockets of private military contractors and blood profiteers.

Take Action: Tell Congress to hold corporations accountable for price-gouging!

Recount confirms Democrat Kris Mayes won Arizona attorney general race

Mayes has emerged victorious (again) after holding a terrifyingly slim 280-vote lead, ensuring that Democrats will control one of the most important offices in the critical battleground state that also just so happens to be a hotbed of pro-Trump election denialism.

Republicans rage over White House plans to slow investigations
The Biden administration has correctly begun treating the House GOP’s demands for probes into their favorite conspiracies with the contempt they deserve, announcing plans to ignore the long list of investigative requests already sent and forcing the GOP to refile all their nonsense over again. The incoming chairs for the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, Rep. James Comer and Rep. Jim Jordan, respectively, are reportedly furious — but let ’em stew.

Prosecutors, cops are using junk “911 call analysis” science to wrongfully convict
A ProPublica investigation has uncovered a bullshit, pseudo-scientific, miracle method to determine when 911 callers are guilty of the crimes they are reporting is being used in courtrooms across the country despite having absolutely no basis in reality. The tactic, which basically relies on a listener “analyzing” the cadence and word choice used in the calls, is helping prosecutors send people to jail, despite widespread agreement among researchers and actual experts who say the practice should not be used at all. The 911 call analysis method was invented by an Ohio deputy police chief with no homicide experience or scientific background, but somehow has been embraced around the country with little fanfare or announcement. Just one more mark on the black ink-soaked page of the American justice system.

Netanyahu seals comeback as he is sworn in as Israel’s prime minister for the SIXTH time
Against the odds, the wildly corrupt and oppressive Binyamin Netanyahu has returned to power AGAIN like some kind of conservative herpes sore. He is presiding over a far-right wing coalition of religious extremists and unabashed racists with an agenda of escalating the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the West Bank, funneling massive subsidies to Israel’s ultraorthodox faction, and reforming the judicial system in order to dismantle the country’s democratic institutions — all conveniently aided and empowered by billions of dollars of US military aid.

Brazilian soccer legend Pelé dead at 82
The world mourns as the greatest soccer player to ever step onto the pitch moves on to win championships in the afterlife. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, won his first World Cup at 17 in 1958 and would go on to win two more. A true global icon and humanitarian who helped popularize the beautiful game in the United States, he will be greatly missed.

Wall Street lobbyists are trying to stop a federal proposal designed to punish criminal banks
Amid a financial crime spree and spate of corporate convictions, federal regulators recently floated a proposed fix: strengthening an existing rule designed to bar criminal banks from managing — and profiting off — trillions of dollars of retirement funds. This, of course, prompted a freak-out on Wall Street, which dispatched its armies of lobbyists to Capitol Hill in order to keep it from facing any consequences for running retirement fund scams.


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