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Top Stories for April 15:

Trump blasts DeSantis with gross, hilarious, and strangely spot-on “pudding fingers” attack ad

From the man known for smearing ketchup on the walls, we present: Pudding Fingers Ron. Because the best Trump is indicted civilian Trump attacking his also awful Republican opponents. Don’t ever stop.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: DeSantis blasted for ignoring South Florida floods to campaign for president

Fort Lauderdale is underwater after a historic deluge dumped 25 inches of rain on the low-lying metro north of Miami. You’d think the governor of the state would be on hand with his trendy rain boots, if for no other reason than to pose for the cameras. DeSantis, though, was in Ohio and New Hampshire “promoting his book” – the time-honored euphemism for “running for president” used by candidates who have yet to declare. DeSantis hadn’t even found time to call the mayor of Fort Lauderdale as of Friday mid-day, something the world knows only because the mayor himself said so during a live press conference. Whoops!

Take Action: Denounce DeSantis and the Florida GOP for their fascist takeover!

Republicans are salivating at the thought of stealing a battleground Senate seat

Bob Casey for Senate: Stung from their humiliating defeat in 2022, McConnell and his cronies have now set their sight on defeating Bob Casey and flipping the Senate back to red. Can you chip in to help re-elect Sen. Casey and protect our critical Senate majority?

Alito extends access to abortion drug for five days while SCOTUS reviews case

Plot twist! the very same extremist ideologue who wrote the opinion overturning Roe v Wade has blocked a ban on the abortion drug Mifepristone from taking effect until at least Wednesday afternoon. But before you start to wonder if maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all, know that this was in response to the drug maker pleading with the court not to let the ban go into effect, and if there is thing right-wingers love almost as much as stealing bodily autonomy, it’s big pharmaceutical companies. Alito and the other members of the court’s sick six have not indicated how they will rule on Wednesday, but you can guess.

Take Action: Tell the Biden team to use ALL emergency powers to protect the abortion pill!

Tennessee Republicans give slap on wrist to lawmaker who called for return of lynching
Tennessee state rep and man who definitely owns several pointy white hats, Paul Sherrell, suggested the state could bring back “hanging from a tree” as a form of capital punishment. You won’t believe this, but Sherrell wasn’t expelled, only reassigned him to a transportation committee. Maybe people who think calling for lynching while white is a lesser crime than speaking out of turn while Black shouldn’t be making decisions about the death penalty.

Take Action: Demand the Tennessee GOP restore the House Democrats they expelled for supporting gun reform protests!

Biden gets rockstar welcome for emotional final stop in Ireland

The Irish get it.

Colorado governor signs bills protecting access to abortion and transgender care
In a rare instance of good news in the GOP’s nationwide assault on women’s and trans rights, Colorado’s Democratic governor, Jared Polis, signed a series of bills enshrining abortion access and gender affirming healthcare into law. The bills together effectively make his state a safe haven for women and families with transgender members from neighboring Republican-run states who need access to care that Republicans are actively criminalizing.

Take Action: Tell Congress to expand abortion coverage and repeal the Hyde Amendment!

Republican stunt finally BACKFIRES on them

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: It’s about time.

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Catholic leader says GOP criminalizing “empathy” with anti-immigrant crackdown
Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami blasted Florida Republicans – implicitly including the state’s Catholic Governor – for a new anti-immigration bill that would make it illegal to provide transportation to an undocumented migrant anywhere and for any distance, even to an emergency room. “The sponsors of this bill want to take out their frustrations on the migrants with various punitive measures that unfairly demonize them and gratuitously seek to make their lives even more difficult,” he said is a statement.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer signs massive new gun safety regulations into law
On the eve of the NRA’s annual gathering of second amendment fan boys in neighboring Indiana, Michigan’s Democratic governor scored a huge win for common sense gun safety reform – the kind polls confirm most Americans want to see. The new law will require mandatory universal background checks for all gun purchases in the state and require gun owners to securely store their weapons and ammunition in their homes. These new laws won’t prevent mass shootings on their own, but they’re a good start in a country that has seen a decades-long NRA-backed proliferation of military-style weapons go virtually unchallenged.


From the NRA convention, where they give bad guys guns and then talk about giving them more guns to “stop them”

Mixed nuts



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