Disbar the lawyers who supported Trump’s big lie!

Following the election of President Joe Biden, Trump and his lackeys pushed a myriad of election conspiracies — each without a shred of evidence. The sham proved extremely dangerous, leading to the January 6th insurrection and inspiring homegrown terrorists across the country.

Among those supporting the Big Lie are practicing attorneys who have taken a sworn oath not to propagate such dangerous disinformation. Lawyers like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell debased judicial courts with fraudulent election claims and worked to undermine the American people’s faith in Democracy — they should be disbarred immediately.

That’s why Retake Democracy is leading the fight to demand the immediate disbarment of all the lawyers who supported Trump’s Big Lie! Do you agree? Add your name today.

The lies that were spread about the November election were pure fabrications, with Giuliani brazenly touting conspiracies about mail-in voting that were blatantly untrue. This is a clear-cut violation of the American Bar Association’s ban on deceitful conduct.

Retake Democracy is dedicated to stopping the spread of Trump’s Big Lie and holding those who support it accountable. Our democracy is under attack. Retake Democracy believes that we must do whatever it takes to defend it.

Sign now to join Retake Democracy and call for lawyers pushing Trump’s election conspiracies to be disbarred!