Demand Congress pass a law protecting abortion access!

Target: United States Congress

In a stunning turn of events, the conservative-dominated Supreme Court has gut the long-established precedent of Roe V. Wade and ushered in a new era of darkness and repression for millions of women across America.

Now the only thing that can protect a woman’s right to agency over her own body is Congressional legislation codifying Roe V. Wade into federal law.

Demand Congress do whatever it takes to protect women’s reproductive rights!

Words cannot describe how devastating the repeal of Roe V. Wade is going to be for American women. Lives will be put at risk as pregnant people inevitably turn to dangerous back-alley abortions in order to make their own health choices.

Given the shocking extremism exhibited by Republican legislators across the country these days, it is a certainty that women losing the fundamental right to have agency over their own bodies will open the door for the loss of all their other rights and freedoms too.

We cannot allow the GOP to get away with turning back the clock and turning our great nation into its own perverted theocratic dystopia.

Call on Congress to pass a law protecting abortion access, no matter what the Supreme Court says!