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Top Stories for February 28:

Rupert Murdoch gave Jared Kushner “confidential information” about Biden’s 2020 ads before they were public

The Fox News magnate allegedly delivered secret information to Jared Kushner about Joe Biden’s political ads and debate strategy in an effort to tip the scales in Trump’s favor. What else did Murdoch and Fox funnel to the Trump team behind the scenes? It’s time for a full federal investigation.

Take Action: Demand the Justice Department investigate Jared Kushner for shady investments from the Saudis!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch sinks his own network in bombshell deposition

The arch-villain of global news media admitted under oath that hosts on his right-wing network explicitly endorsed false claims about the 2020 election being stolen — proving once again that Fox News is a direct threat to American democracy.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to confirm Biden’s judges ASAP!

The next presidential election could be at stake

Wisconsin Democrats:  With the balance of the state’s Supreme Court on the line, progressive champion Judge Janet Protasiewicz and radical MAGA extremist Dan Kelly have emerged as the nominees for the vacated all-important swing seat. This April 4th election is an absolute MUST-WIN for everything we hold dear — abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, the right to vote, and potentially even a free and fair election for the next President of the United States. Can you chip in to make sure Janet has the resources she needs to win and flip Supreme Court of the most important swing state to a progressive majority?

John Fetterman “on path to recovery,” will be out for more weeks
The Democratic senator recently checked himself into a hospital to seek help for clinical depression — an incredibly brave move that was immediately exploited and criticized by craven right-wingers. Fetterman’s spokesperson has now revealed that the freshman senator is improving, is constantly speaking with his family and staff, and will be back in action in a few weeks.

Take Action: Tell Congress: Pass the DREAM Act of 2023!

Marjorie Taylor Greene casts heartless vote in pathetic display of apathy towards Turkish and Syrian earthquake victims
In a stunning display of immoral apathy, the QAnon congresswoman was just one of two House members to vote against a bipartisan resolution to mourn the 50,000 lives lost during the devastating earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. Given her rank and outspoken Islamophobia, it’s not hard to put the pieces together here.

Take Action: Tell Congress to give free lunches for EVERY student!

DeSantis signs bill that gives him more control of Disney’s special district

Meatball Ron is once again exploiting his gubernatorial powers to escalate his stupid war against the Mouse House. As payback for Disney’s opposition to his deeply dangerous, homophobic “Don’t Say Gay” bill, DeSantis signed a new bill that directs the state to take control of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the government body that has given Disney unique powers in Central Florida for more than half a century. This is pure partisan hackery of the lowest form and is clearly engineered to send a signal to other companies: take a stand against the far-right MAGA agenda and the targeting of marginalized groups at your own financial peril.

Take Action: Tell Congress to ban partisan gerrymandering!

Chip makers will have to provide child care to tap President Biden’s huge $39 billion semiconductor industry fund
In a huge win for working Americans, the Biden administration announced it will require companies that tap $39 billion in funding for domestic semiconductor manufacturing to provide affordable child care for their workers. Biden’s new regulations will mandate that firms receiving incentives under last year’s Chips and Science Act build daycare facilities near new manufacturing sites or give workers money to pay the costs through existing local options. Elections matter, folks.

Republicans caught pulling DISGUSTING stunt over train derailment

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen Unbelievable. Brian Tyler Cohen’s videos are now in Spanish! If you have friends or family who speak Spanish and want to keep up with politics, please send them this link to subscribe to my channel. And if you want to help support the Spanish effort, you can also watch and subscribe just to get things moving in the algorithm. Every bit helps!

Documents from JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon sought in Jeffrey Epstein lawsuits
JPMorgan is facing renewed pressure to hand over documents from longstanding chief executive Jamie Dimon in litigation accusing the bank of keeping the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his associates as customers despite numerous red flags. The dead pedophile’s victims deserve justice, and justice won’t be served until everyone who helped Epstein carry out his despicable crimes is outed and held accountable.

College debt relief program rests in the hands of nine wealthy and elite people
The Biden administration will go before the conservative-packed Supreme Court this week to argue in favor of the president’s historic student debt relief program in what could prove to be one of the defining legal battles of the Biden years. In addition to the right-wing stranglehold over the court, the administration will face another daunting challenge — the justices simply aren’t representative of the tens of millions of borrowers who could benefit from the relief. They are wealthy, powerful jurists and practitioners of law with little sense of the financial problems that plague average Americans on a daily basis. Some baseline pessimism would be understandable here.

Biden will back Ukraine for “as long as it takes,” Sec. Yellen says in Kyiv
During her trip to the Ukrainian capital, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen dispelled any possibility that President Biden might bow to Republicans and their increasingly pro-Russia rhetoric by cutting off aid to Ukraine. Stating that she brought the message directly from Biden himself, Yellen stated: “We will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes.”

Elon Musk becomes the richest person in the world again
It appears that not even ruining Twitter by flooding it with neo-Nazi bullshit and defending a shockingly racist, washed-up cartoonist can get in the way of Elon Musk accumulating vast sums of unearned wealth. The billionaire tech bozo has once again claimed top spot as the world’s richest person — a title that should carry with it more shame than pride given the widespread suffering that could be alleviated if that money were put to better use. Billionaire tax when?


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Today’s Action: Tell The New York Times to stop their right-wing, anti-trans bias!

Editorial giant The New York Times has a clear prejudice when reporting on trans issues, one that’s unfortunately helping normalize transphobia in mainstream society. Make no mistake, rampant transphobia is killing trans people — they’re being murdered, they’re ending their lives, and they’re living in fear. We are witnessing what is increasingly being viewed as a transgender genocide, and instead of protecting this vulnerable community, major media outlets are signaling to red-state legislatures that further isolating and ostracizing trans people through extreme legislation will be tacitly or outright permitted. Donald Trump, the standard bearer of the morally bankrupt Republican Party, has promised to “punish” hospitals who offer life-saving gender-affirming care to trans children, should he somehow be reelected in 2024. The multifaceted war being waged on trans people is in full swing with fatal consequences. Why is The New York Times — an absolute titan of the industry — amplifying intolerance and allowing contributors to stoke anti-trans hate under its famed banner? It’s unconscionable.

More than 180 Times contributors have signed a letter demanding the company stop their clear editorial bias toward the trans community, and readers can join the call as well. The signatories state that the Times has “treated gender diversity with an eerily familiar mix of pseudoscience and euphemistic, charged language, while publishing reporting on trans children that omits relevant information about its sources” despite their editorial guidelines demanding all pieces be “free of any whiff of bias.” It’s a slap in the face to the LGBTQ+ community, and telling of the company’s place in the fight for true gender equality — that is, the wrong side of history.

Instead of publishing trans-exclusionary and misleading hate speech, The New York Times should use its massive platform to amplify the names and stories of every trans person murdered in America the past two months alone — Jasmine “Star” Mack, KC Johnson, Unique Banks, Zachee Imanitwitaho, and others we may never know about. Join the more than 180 Times contributors and demand The New York Times stop their hostile, anti-trans bias immediately!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to reject the GOP’s plan to ban Women and Gender Studies from Florida colleges, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.