Tell media companies to stop giving platforms to dangerous anti-vaccine propaganda!

The anti-vaccination movement has grown into an increasingly well-organized, well-coordinated, and well-funded effort – one that has provided the platform for anti-vaccine politicians to exploit the COVID pandemic for political gain.

Media companies continue to give airtime to anti-vaccine propagandists who excuse their lies by claiming personal liberty and religious freedoms. By providing them with platforms, media companies have allowed vaccine misinformation to fuel mistrust of the healthcare system and spread like wildfire.

Add your name to tell media companies to stop giving a platform to anti-vaccine propagandists!

After two years, we are all too familiar with the cost of uncontrolled illness. Many have lost loved ones to disease because of conspiracy theories. We cannot afford to allow a very vocal minority to spread their lies on the national stage any longer.

As this anti-science rhetoric continues to advance throughout the country and threaten public health, broadcasting it further only threatens our ability to contain the pandemic.

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