Hold anti-vaccine politicians accountable for spreading dangerous disinformation!

The anti-vaccination movement has grown into an increasingly well-organized, well-coordinated, and well-funded effort — one that has provided the platform for anti-vaccine politicians to exploit the COVID pandemic for political gain.

Claiming personal liberty and religious freedoms, far-right activists continue to escalate their dangerous rhetoric into more confrontational tactics – threatening pro-vaccination lawmakers, disrupting vaccination sites, and endangering public health. Whether it’s removing them from office or holding them legally liable for spreading falsehoods – it’s time to set a new precedent for politicians who advance anti-science lies.

Add your name to call for anti-vaccine politicians to be held accountable for spreading lies and disinformation that put lives at risk!

Anti-vaccination leaders have introduced hundreds of pieces of legislation in states across the country that would limit communities’ abilities to keep their neighbors safe and flatten the curve. They’ve supported and circulated vaccine misinformation that fuels mistrust of the healthcare system, especially within communities of color.

After two years, we are all too familiar with the cost of the pandemic. Many have lost loved ones to disease because of conspiracy theories. We cannot afford to allow a very vocal minority to spread their lies on the national stage any longer.

Sign your name to demand anti-vaccine politicians be held accountable!