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Top Stories for November 20:

Rights group calls for Justice Samuel Alito to be investigated after claims of leaked 2014 ruling on contraception

Rob Schenck, an anti-abortion activist minister, claims Alito leaked the high court’s controversial ruling allowing employers to deny access to contraception based on religious rights weeks before it was announced. Schneck reportedly shared that information with Hobby Lobby, the evangelical-run craft store chain that brought the case before the court, and used it to prepare a public relations push. Never strip away fundamental freedoms or go moral crusading without a polished PR campaign, people!

Take Action: Demand Congress impeach Justices Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Barrett for perjury!

5 dead, 18 injured in Colorado LGBTQ nightclub shooting
A gunman opened fire at a Colorado Springs gay nightclub late Saturday night, killing at least five people and injuring 18, police said. The suspected shooter was apprehended in the senseless massacre, which took place during a drag show at the popular Club Q. Surely now is not the time to ask questions about demonizing, anti-LGBTQ rhetoric on the right or Republicans’ unconscionable refusal to do a damn thing about gun safety reform. Instead, let us think and pray.

Take Action: Oppose congressional GOP attacks on LGBTQ+ rights!

American families are being crushed by corporate greed

Community Change Action: Billion-dollar corporations are raking in record profits off sky-high prices on everything from food to housing to gas while working families struggle to get by. Will you support Community Change Action’s mission to build the power of low-income people and fight for a fairer economy for all?

Trump claims he won’t return to Twitter after Musk announces reactivation of the serial con man’s account
Following the super accurate results of Musk’s highly scientific Twitter poll asking millions of bots if the disgraced ex-president should be allowed to return to the collapsing platform, Trump said he saw no reason to start tweeting again and would instead stick to lying on Truth Social.

Chris Christie calls on GOP to dump Trump
The former New Jersey governor and one-time Trump enabler rightfully pointed out that the GOP keeps “losing and losing and losing” with the serial grifter leading the party. And listen up, folks, Christie knows a thing or two about losing himself, so…

Take Action: Ensure marriage equality in every US state!

Texas GOP Gov. Abbott sending armored carriers to Mexico border

The scaremongering Republican ordered ten massive, armored personnel carriers to the Mexico border to address the immigrant “invasion” in a totally reasonable, not-compensating-for-anything political stunt. The M113 vehicles, which look like tanks, were originally intended to transport foot soldiers across battlefields — and it’s not clear what purpose the Vietnam-era carriers would serve at the border, or whether weapons will be added to them. But it is quite clear this will play very well with the GOP’s xenophobic right flank, and that’s entirely the point.

Take Action: Demand Congress put an end to private prisons!

Biden administration approves loan relief applicants amid pending program appeal
The transformational student loan forgiveness program offers $10,000 of federal student debt cancellations to millions of potential qualified loan borrowers. But the government stopped accepting applications on Nov. 10 after a Trump-appointed federal judge struck down the plan, predictably deeming it “unconstitutional.” President Biden has asked the Supreme Court to lift the nationwide injunction and let the US government get on with the business of changing millions of American lives for the better.

Lauren Boebert’s opponent issues major news on the race

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Big news.

Herschel Walker refuses mental fitness exam he called on Biden to take
As Walker acknowledges, he has a history of dangerous and reckless behavior. He also spent years slamming his head into other grown men on the football field, raising obvious concerns over CTE-related injuries. While the werewolf-loving GOP Senate candidate claims his past violent behavior was the result of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) — which causes a person to have multiple autonomous personalities — Walker claims everything’s fine now because he’s been cured. Nothing to see here, folks. Please move along.

Aspiring country singer and MAGA minion charged for threats to kill fact-checkers and FBI agent over Trump “slander”
Stephen “Jike” Williams, an insurance salesman and (probably no longer) aspiring country singer with a very stable grasp on reality, was arrested and charged with threatening to murder a federal law enforcement officer AND execute members of the Good Information Foundation, a nonprofit fact-checking organization, for “defamation and slander” of the disgraced ex-president. Might be time to dust off that a capella version of “Folsom County Blues,” Jike!

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