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Top Stories for January 27:

Former employee sues Fox News, alleges “decades-long” sexual abuse, blackmail by late CEO Roger Ailes

Former Fox News staffer Laura Luhn has sued the right-wing propaganda network and its parent company over alleged “decades-long” sexual abuse and blackmail by late CEO Roger Ailes. According to the suit, “Ailes photographed and videotaped Luhn in compromising positions — blackmail material that he explicitly described as his ‘insurance policy’ — and made clear to Luhn that any attempt to speak out or stop the abuse would result in severe personal humiliation and career ruin.”

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump accidentally screws himself with fatal mistake on Truth Social

Once again, Trump’s big mouth and tiny fingers have landed him in some serious hot water.

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Josh Hawley: Traitor, coward, fool

Lucas Kunce for Senate: On January 6th, Josh Hawley cheered on the violent mob — and then later found himself running from them. But even after he helped put himself, his colleagues, and our democracy in critical danger, he refused to condemn them and has bragged that he has “no regrets” for his actions. This seditious Trumper has no business being in Congress. Can you chip in to replace him with patriotic Democrat Lucas Kunce?

John Durham’s big ol’ “deep state” hunt did find some shady deals — connected to Trump
Anyone remember special counsel John Durham, the fella Trump’s attorney general tapped to investigate the fantastical Trump-Russia “hoax?” During Durham’s futile, years-long attempt to prove the far-right’s far-fetched conspiracy that deepstate intelligence agencies were colluding to take down MAGAland’s dear leader, he was actually tipped off by Italian officials pointing to some REAL wrongdoing by none other than — you guessed it — Trump himself. The revelation was so serious that Durham opened a brief criminal investigation into suspicious Trump financial dealings but ultimately decided not to charge him, because, you know, he was super busy back home wasting taxpayers’ money to turn up jack-squat.

Take Action: Tell Biden and the Senate to fill the courts with Democratic judges!

Five former Memphis police officers indicted on charges of murder and kidnapping in Tyre Nichols’ death
The five fired police officers were charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault, two charges of aggravated kidnapping, two charges of official misconduct, and one charge of official oppression for the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols after a minor traffic stop. The video of the assault is to be released Friday, and judging from the repeated calls for calm from the chief of police, it is likely as damning as it is gruesome. No word on whether or not there will be any departmental changes to address the culture of jackbooted violence that leads to this kind of police brutality.

President Lula accuses predecessor Bolsonaro of genocide against Yanomami in Amazon

The new president of Brazil has accused his fascist predecessor of committing genocide against the indigenous Yanomami people in the Amazon, who have been plunged into crisis by government neglect and illegal mining operations green lit by Bolsonaro and his wealthy cronies. The miners contaminated rivers and wrecked forests, depriving remote Yanomami communities of key food sources — fish and other animals such as monkeys and wild boars — while simultaneously spreading malaria and hampering the relief efforts of government health workers. Horrifying pictures of emaciated children are emerging from the rainforest, and over 570 children have died from starvation or mercury poisoning from contaminated water.

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Groundbreaking California fast-food law heads to statewide referendum and big political fight

In today’s episode of “big corporations will do literally anything to keep from having to pay their workers a fair wage,” a historic bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom that would establish a minimum wage of $22 and drastically improve workplace conditions for fast-food workers is now headed to a statewide referendum thanks to a signature-gathering campaign that was fraught with misrepresentation about what the bill would actually do. Now, corporate fat cats get to spend millions of dollars on an incredibly deceptive propaganda campaign like they did to defeat a previous referendum in 2020 that would’ve classified Uber and other ride-share drivers as employees, thereby greatly improving their rights. Ultimately, it’s not just about the money, folks — it’s about keeping workers underpaid and in their place.

House Republicans finally reveal HORRIFIC demands

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Disgusting

Israel kills 10 in raid on refugee camp
Ten people, including a 61-year-old woman, were killed and 20 more were wounded in an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) raid on the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. Witnesses say tear gas was fired at a hospital and shots were fired at an ambulance, preventing other ambulances from reaching the victims. The IDF claims the attack was a “counterterrorism” operation that many fear heralds the beginning of a larger crackdown on the Palestinian resistance movement fighting against the apartheid regime they are forced to live under. 170 Palestinians were killed in similar raids in 2022, many of them civilians.

George Santos posted “deeply offensive” comment about Hitler, Jews

George Santos, the inventor of the toaster strudel and 2020 falconry champion at the World Nomad Games, is under fire yet again for disgusting and weird anti-Semitic remarks he shared on social media in 2011. Santos has previously lied about having Jewish heritage — even claiming his grandparents were Holocaust survivors — before backpedaling and explaining he simply meant he was “Jew-ish,” whatever that means. This latest revelation is sure to ingratiate him even more with the heavily Jewish district he represents.

BuzzFeed to use ChatGPT AI to create content
Just months after laying off 12% of its staff, online media company Buzzfeed has announced that it will be using the “ChatGPT” AI to help build its ubiquitous quizzes, “help staffers brainstorm,” and personalize content for users. The value of the company’s shares shot up by over 200% in response, sending a crystal clear signal to the private equity vampires that own our media companies — quality be damned, fire employees and produce more media content through AI! Sure, the move might ruin the lives and livelihoods of hundreds or thousands of working folks and their families, but computers and bots don’t need pesky things like sick leave, health insurance, or, you know, food on their tables. Just think of the savings!

Ultrawealthy tech bozo spends $2 million a year to give himself the body of an 18-year-old
Bryan Johnson, founder of the Braintree ecommerce firm, has spent millions to employ 30 doctors and experts to obsessively monitor his health with the ultimate goal of having “the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tendons, teeth, skin, hair, bladder, penis, and rectum of an 18-year-old.” A meticulous diet and regimen of everything from creams, laser therapies, electromagnetic pulses, supplements, and medicines are his first steps, with gene therapies to follow in his Jupiterian quest to conquer aging. We have GOT to start taxing these people more.


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Today’s Action: Tell Congress to stop corporations from quadrupling the price of COVID vaccines!

Fresh on the heels of Pfizer’s recent decision to drastically increase COVID vaccination prices, Moderna’s CEO just announced plans to quadruple the price of their COVID vaccines, as well — from the current price of $26 per shot to more than $110 per dose. The radical price hike raises serious questions about equitable access to the critical vaccine. It is highly alarming, yet frankly unsurprising, that hugely profitable pharmaceutical corporations would move to further profit from this historic, ongoing health emergency in such a brazen manner — especially when the course of the pandemic and long-term care prospects remain largely volatile and uncertain. Moderna announced their planned aggressive price hike in the same breath that they announced an anticipated $5 billion in profits in 2023 alone — this after raking in more than $18 billion last year.

There’s no reason that Moderna or Pfizer need that much extra revenue, especially when their products and services are inextricably tied to the greater public health during this historic time. Moderna’s upcharge is a 10,000% markup over the estimated cost of production per shot. The aggressive, deeply irresponsible moves made by Pfizer and Moderna set a dangerous precedent for future vaccine production in general; we must emphatically demand they change course and make clear that such actions will not be tolerated.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and demand they stop corporations from raising the price of the COVID vaccine immediately!

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