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Top Stories for January 10:

George Santos’ campaign impersonated Kevin McCarthy’s chief of staff on fundraising calls

Just when you thought the George Santos saga couldn’t get any more pathetic — or potentially criminal — high-net-worth Republican donors have emerged with stories of phone calls and email exchanges with Dan Meyer, Kevin McCarthy’s chief of staff, who they say encouraged them to donate to Santos. There’s just one problem: the real Dan Meyer never made those calls or sent those emails. Oops.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kevin McCarthy’s deal with GOP hardliners blows up in his face

Now that the details of McCarthy’s deal with the extreme-right Republican clown caucus have been made public, it’s crystal clear that he takes the gavel as the weakest House speaker this country has possibly ever seen.

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Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker gamble backfires spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

New GOP House majority guts ethics committee investigating many of its members
House Republicans moved to pre-emptively kill any further investigations against its members as it conveniently curtailed the power of an independent ethics office just as it was weighing whether to open inquiries into lawmakers who defied subpoenas issued by the House January 6 select committee last year.

Take Action: Investigate Republicans who could be constitutionally disqualified from holding office!

Differences quickly emerge between Biden document find and Mar-a-Lago crime scene
Republicans are predictably howling at the revelation that classified documents have been discovered at one of Biden’s post-VP offices. Unlike the trove of stolen documents Trump lied about hoarding at his beach club home that had to be seized in an FBI raid after months of wrangling, however, Biden’s lawyers discovered the handful of documents themselves and immediately surrendered them to the National Archives. Nice try, GOP!

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Georgia grand jury concludes Trump investigation, DA to decide on charges

The special grand jury convened to probe Trump’s brazen plot to overturn Biden’s 2020 election victory in Georgia has finally completed its work and submitted its final report to District Attorney Fani Willis. Now we wait to see what DA Willis does with the metric shit ton of evidence incriminating the disgraced ex-president.

Take Action: Tell the Justice Department: Charge Trump for the dozens of crimes he’s committed!

Florida censors high school play about censorship
The book-banning zealots of Florida hit new lows in pearl-clutching and Missing The Point when Duval County elected to cancel the high school production of “Indecent,” a play which is literally about the cancellation of a Yiddish play in 1923 by pearl-clutching book-banning zealots who are missing the point. A queer Jewish love story, “Indecent” was written to show how censorship was the first step to the Holocaust — a reminder that Florida especially should take to heart, considering the rising tide of anti-Semitism in the state and the eagerness with which the fascists in state government are persecuting the LGBTQ community.

Republicans don’t have their House in order

OD Action Partner: The humiliating debacle that was the Republican speakership election proves that they are entirely unfit to govern this nation — and we can’t afford to let them implement their unhinged agenda of conspiracy theories and vicious budget cuts. The best way to restore our House majority is to invest (and invest EARLY) in rural America so that we have the foundation we need to kick these yahoos out of Congress. Can you donate to make our Blue House a reality?

Arrest made in wave of shootings targeting Democratic elected officials
Albuquerque police have one suspect in custody as an investigation into a series of at least five shootings at the homes or offices of elected Democratic leaders across the region continues. A sixth shooting was reported Monday that may be related.

Trump’s money man to begin sentence at notorious Rikers Island jail today
Allen Weisselberg took the fall for the disgraced ex-president last year when he pleaded guilty to running a decades-long scheme to defraud tax authorities while serving as CFO of the Trump Organization. Weisselberg is expected to serve just five months behind bars — a paltry sentence and damning indictment of the American judicial system that regularly excuses white-collar criminality with proverbial wrist slaps.

US federal agency considering a ban on gas stoves
After new research links indoor pollution to a surge in childhood asthma — 13%! — the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is expected to push for the ban on the popular appliance.

Child sex abuse chatter thrives on Twitter despite Elon Musk’s promises
Self-proclaimed “Chief Twit” Elon Musk dog-whistled QAnon conspiracy theorists when he called ending child sexual exploitation content on the platform “Priority One” upon taking over as CEO. As is usual with Elon’s grand pronouncements, he’s followed it up with a big fat load of nothing, allowing the purveyors of suffering to continue their twisted actions while he busys himself with cringily bantering with the worst right-wing influencers on social media and falling down rabbit holes of conspiracy.


Dispatches from the GOP’s America

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January is National Blood Donor Month, the perfect time to call attention to America’s critical, nationwide blood shortage and the thousands of vulnerable patients endangered as a result. Because of the ongoing shortage, medical professionals are making difficult choices about who receives blood transfusions, with some centers rationing to extreme extents. In a world frequently facing unprecedented disasters, our emergency supply is quickly dwindling.

If you are 16 years of age or older, weigh more than 110 lbs., and are in good health you are eligible to donate up to six times a year.

If you’re an eligible donor, do your part to end the national blood shortage by finding a donation center in your area and making an appointment through the Red Cross. Your donation could save someone’s life.

Unfortunately, donating blood isn’t an equal-opportunity affair. Thanks to outdated — and frankly, embarrassing — restrictions rooted in homophobia, gay and nonbinary people who are living as their truest selves are still excluded from giving blood and helping America protect patients from this severe medical crisis.

With shelf-life issues, recurring climate crises, the ongoing pandemic, staffing shortages, and countless other obstacles, the blood supply is more than tenuous and vulnerable. The current policy, rooted in bigotry with zero scientific basis, places unreasonable restrictions on gay and bisexual men. Estimates suggest an additional 360,000 men would likely donate should the policy be lifted, which could flip the nation’s blood shortage on its head and help more than a million people.

After finding a donation center, add your name to this petition calling on the FDA to change their discriminatory, unscientific policy!

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