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Top Stories for January 13:

Paul Ryan savagely attacks “proven loser” Trump

The far-right ideologue has once again crawled out of his Heritage Foundation coffin to publicly complain about the monster he helped create, bemoaning Donald Trump not for his efforts to tear down our democracy but because he’s a “proven loser” who made the Republican Party lose seats — because absolutely nothing matters to these people except power and its control. “He’s a proven loser who cost us the House in ’18, he cost us the White House in ’20, he cost us the Senate again and again, and I think we all know that” said Ryan.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican shut down to his face while lying on air

Rep. Byron Donalds’ complaints about the “woke military” and the imminent insolvency of Social Security hit a brick wall when he couldn’t back up any of his bullshit claims with any actual substance.

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Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker gamble backfires spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Special counsel named to investigate Biden classified documents
US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Thursday he was appointing Robert Hur to serve as a special counsel to review classified material found in President Joe Biden’s Delaware residence and a Washington thinktank office he used after leaving the vice president’s office in 2017. You will note that there were no angry tweets, no year-long legal battle, no kicking or screaming from the White House, because President Biden has nothing to hide and AG Garland is literally just doing his job. We fear the lesson will be lost on the right wing, but the rest of the country might appreciate that the Biden administration does not play by “rules for thee but not for me.”

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Exxon’s climate research accurately projected global warming, study finds
Yet more evidence that the fossil fuel companies responsible for global warming not only knew it was coming, but knew EXACTLY how it was coming — and still hid the evidence from the world for decades.

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Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders bans term “Latinx” on her first day in office

Trump’s onetime lie czar got right to the important stuff on her first day in office, like banning the term “Latinx” and banning “critical race theory” (a college-level philosophy course) from public schools. Contrast this with, say, Governor Pritzker in Illinois, who used the first day of his new term to ban assault rifles and expand paid leave for workers. The difference is striking — a party of meaningless virtue-signaling vs. the party of delivering actual results for the American people.

Local Ohio school official abruptly cuts off reading of Dr. Seuss book during NPR podcast
Welcome to the GOP’s America, where Dr. Seuss books are deemed too dangerous for children. God forbid kids might correctly draw conclusions about the treatment of imaginary Sneetches in Seussland and the way that actual Black Americans have historically been treated here in very real America.

Corporate America’s worst nightmare is now running for Senate!

Katie Porter for Senate: Rep. Katie Porter and her whiteboard have been working overtime defending the American people and holding big companies accountable for their greedy excesses — and now she’s ready to take her talents to the United States Senate! Can you chip in to send a progressive champion to where she can do the most good?

Bank to pay $31 million redlining settlement, DOJ’s largest ever
The Justice Department accused Los Angeles-based City National Bank of discrimination by refusing to underwrite mortgages in predominantly Black and Latinx communities, requiring the bank to pay more than $31 million in the largest redlining settlement in department history.

“Lost their minds”: Missouri Democrats cry foul over preposterous GOP-proposed dress code for female state lawmakers
The GOP’s incessant efforts to roll back the clock were put on full display in Missouri, where Republican lawmakers proposed a dress code to force female lawmakers to cover up their sexy, sexy…arms. Seriously? What year is it? Is this what they mean by “great again?”

Santos says he will resign if “142” people demand it, then vows to never leave unless voted out
The pathological liar had to walk back his words after a frantic scum with the media, first declaring that he’d resign if 142 people told him to — and when it became obvious that would be easy to find, he switched it to 142,000 people. He has absolutely no business being in government, but Kevin McCarthy, the king worm in a bog of bottom-feeding invertebrates, needs Santos’ vote and so of course would never do anything that might compromise his fledgling speakership or personal power.

New Peruvian President Boluarte faces genocide inquiry
The new right-wing government in Peru, which took power in all-but-a-coup after arresting former President Castillo for trying to dissolve Congress, is already under serious scrutiny for their horrifyingly violent attempts to repress the pro-Castillo protests breaking out across the country. At least 17 have died and dozens more wounded by gunshots in clashes between security forces and the people.


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Today’s Action: Get paid for going green!

The biggest climate bill in US history, the Inflation Reduction Act, became the law of the land last August, and already this month we will see meaningful direct benefits come to fruition. January marked the beginning of half a dozen tax credits available to middle-income houses for things like electric cars, electric stoves, and rooftop solar installations. By the middle of this year even more perks will arrive — lower-income households will be eligible for direct discounts on appliances without having to wait to file taxes.

The benefits offered by the Inflation Reduction Act are on track to make a massive impact on the world around us, should they be fully utilized by the American people. Check out this savings calculator from Rewiring America to see how much you’ll be eligible for this year!

One sizeable benefit already available as of January 1st is a tax credit for a new heat pump air conditioner/heater (30% of the total cost, capped at $2,000), which, in addition to saving homeowners up to $1200 per year in home heating and cooling costs, could be one of the biggest ways you personally contribute to slowing the climate crisis. A single residential heat pump could prevent up to eight metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions yearly. It’s a win-win for you and the environment!

Rooftop solar and electric cars may feel out of reach, but the Inflation Reduction Act offers up to $7,500 off electric vehicles and 30% off the cost of solar power installations. If everyone who can take advantage of these credits does, it will have a huge impact on our planet for generations to come. Look at the savings calculator today and find out how you can get money for going green!

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