Call on school districts in states with mask mandate bans to defy their Governors and put kids first!

440 students in Palm Beach, Florida, alone were quarantined by the second day of school.

With leadership like Governor Ron DeSantis, who have gone so far as to ban mask mandates, these back-to-school numbers are hardly surprising. Not only is DeSantis putting all of the school children in his state at risk, he is even sanctioning the school districts that defy his ban.

Kids under 12 are not even eligible to be vaccinated yet. Without proper protections, our school systems run the risk of becoming COVID hotspots. 

Add your name to call on school districts with mask mandate bans to put kids first and instate them anyways!

Not mandating masks in the upcoming school year is not just a mistake — it’s criminal. Students and faculty will be at risk for contracting and spreading COVID-19 to their loved ones, and some might even experience long term symptoms that permanently alter their cognitive and physical abilities. 

Anti-mask governors are gambling with young people’s access to a healthy and full life. Sanctions or no sanctions– school districts must take a stand to protect the kids they serve.

Sign here to tell school districts with mask mandate bans to defy their governors and protect their students!