Stand with scientists and not corporate GOP hacks!

Now that the United States has re-joined the Paris agreement, the Biden administration is developing a plan to reduce global warming emissions, and for the sake of our planet, it is critical that he listens to the science and acts with the aggressiveness the situation demands.

Over 1,000 scientists have signed a letter calling on the Biden administration to ignore the corporate lapdogs in the GOP and commit to a reduction of at least 50% below 2005 levels by 2030.

Will you add your name to show your support for the Union of Concerned Scientists?

As the United States is personally responsible for 28% of the world’s emissions despite having only 5% of the population, we have a moral responsibility to the millions of people who will have their homes and lives uprooted by the looming ecological apocalypse.

The most recent IPCC report came with dire warnings about inaction — but also gave us hope for a better future if we act quickly and decisively to rein in carbon emissions and transition to a sustainable energy sector.

Sign your name to stand with scientists and not corporate GOP hacks!