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Breaking: Supreme Court stays radical judge’s ban on Mifepristone, protecting access to the abortion pill for now

Top Stories for April 22:

Leaked audio proves Ted Cruz lied about 2020 election fraud all along

A secret recording of Senator Ted Cruz speaking with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo just days after the 2020 election revealed that Cruz knew full well that there was no evidence to support Trump’s stolen election lies. But that didn’t stop him from spouting them, did it? Knowing the truth didn’t stop him from rising on the Senate Floor to oppose the election results and helping foment a violent insurrection against the United States. Because the truth just isn’t a factor in today’s Republican Party, where the nickname, “Lyin’ Ted” is actually a badge of honor.

Take Action: Demand Congress kick Ted Cruz off his committees for spouting dangerous conspiracies!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: My Pillow guy finally gets what he deserves after devastating ruling

Mike Lindell, the notorious pillow pusher-cum-election conspiracy grifter, has been ordered to pay the $5 million reward to a cyber security expert who took Lindell up on his challenge to debunk his “data” that supposedly “proved” the 2020 election was “stolen.” Spoiler alert: the expert succeeded, thoroughly proving that Lindell’s so-called “evidence” wasn’t worth the plastic in the thumb drive he saved it on. Lucky for Mike, he’s got all those pillows to cry into.

Take Action: Kick Fox News off the air for inciting violence against the government!

Radical Speaker McCarthy is a huge problem for America

John Burrows for Congress: John Burrows is the young, charismatic leader we need to solve that problem and send McCarthy packing. We can’t risk another day — let alone two more years — of letting Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz pulling Kevin McCarthy’s strings and turning our Congress into a circus of conspiracy. Can you chip in to send John Burrows to Congress and send McCarthy home in disgrace?

Texas Senate passes massive roll-back of voter rights
Republicans opened a new front in their all-out war on voting rights Friday, passing a bill to ban a legal feature of voting law that gives Texans the flexibility to vote at one of multiple countywide voting centers on election day. Passed in response to the GOP’s phony claims of voter fraud that have all been debunked, the law will restrict voters to their assigned precincts, making it more difficult for commuting workers and others in sprawling counties to find a place to vote before polls close – which is precisely the point. The bill passed on a strict party line vote.

Take Action: Tell Congress to vote NO on the bill to curb our online freedoms!

Conservative justices mock stalking victims while ramping-up SCOTUS security
Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Barrett, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh — six people who benefit from round-the-clock Secret Service protection — mocked a victim of incessant stalking and harassment for “oversensitivity” to comments like “staying in cyber life is going to kill you.” Sure, what do harassment victims really have to fear in a country where any spurned stalker can go around the corner and grab an AR-15 off the shelf (a hellscape created by the very people ridiculing the victim, by the way)?

Take Action: Pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act!

Trump threatens to weaponize DOJ to attack officials prosecuting him

The disgraced former president told Republicans at a dinner event Friday that, on day one of his new administration, he will “direct the DOJ to investigate every radical DA and Attorney General in America” and promised revenge for “racist in reverse enforcement of the law.” In case you were wondering if Trump planned to run on anything besides personal revenge, flagrant racism, and fighting imaginary enemies… No, no he isn’t.

Take Action: Charge Trump with contempt of Congress!

Architect of right-wing takeover of high court gets $1.6 billion in dark money
If you thought the conservative assault on the judiciary might be running out of steam after Democrats retook the White House and maintained control of the senate, think again. Right-wing judicial activist Leonard Leo, widely seen as the mastermind who engineered the radical right-wing takeover of the Supreme Court, will now have an additional $1.6 billion in dark money to fund his vast web of conservative groups dedicated to filling benches with Clarence Thomas clones. And the kicker is, a SuperPac run by a Ron DeSantis loyalist is behind the donation, raising the Florida governor’s profile and credibility on the far right even higher.

Congress launches probe of CIA over mishandled sex assault allegations
The House intelligence committee is investigating whether the CIA mishandled internal accusations of sexual assault and harassment made by female employees. At least three women have told intel committee members this year alone that the agency is actively discouraging them and others from making sexual misconduct complaints, both internally and to outside law enforcement agencies. The issue is so serious that it’s engendered rare bipartisan support in congress.


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