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5 people killed in North Carolina mass shooting, suspect in custody

Top Stories for October 14:

SCOTUS rejects Trump’s last-ditch plea to rescue him in stolen docs scandal

The disgraced ex-president’s desperate ploy to get “his” justices to back his delay tactic came to a soul-crushing end with a one-sentence ruling with exactly zero noted dissents.

Take Action: Impeach the judge who interfered in the stolen doc probe to help Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: House 1/6 committee formally subpoenas Trump

In a dramatic climax to Thursday’s riveting committee hearings, Rep. Liz Cheney had the honor of dropping the hammer and introducing the motion to call Trump to FINALLY answer for his treasonous actions under oath.

Take Action: Stop Republicans’ scheme to ban abortion rights nationwide!

The death knell for Herschel Walker’s campaign

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: He won’t come back from this.

Study shows Big Pharma is lying about research costs driving up drug prices
In what will come as a shocking surprise to absolutely nobody, it turns out the real reason that American drug prices are so outrageously high is pure, unadulterated corporate greed.

Take Action: Demand Congress lower drug prices now!

Google approves Truth Social for the Google Play Store
The tech giant’s concerns over “content moderation” appear to be all talk as Trump continues using the app to push dangerous conspiracy theories. There’s money to be made and that’s all that seems to matter.

Take Action: Demand corporations stop donating to insurrectionist politicians!

Secret Service knew Proud Boys planned to “literally kill people” on January 6

New evidence unveiled in Thursday’s House 1/6 committee hearing show that the FBI notified the Secret Service about the white nationalist group’s plan to march into DC armed and prepared to shoot and kill for Trump.

Take Action: Fire all the cops, soldiers, and politicians named in the Oath Keepers member list!

Review finds Child Protection Services searches millions of homes every year without a warrant
Child Protective Services must legally obtain a warrant to enter homes or conduct body searches, but a new report exposes how this basic legal tenet is often entirely ignored by CPS — families are too scared of losing their children to protest.

Watch Retired Army Major Lay Out What This Moment Means to America

OD Action partner: That anger that we all had on Jan 6th, I need everyone to turn it into action. We at No Dem Left Behind know what is at stake, and I know you do too.

Trump’s Bedminster-bound mystery boxes raise new secret document suspicions
As many as nine boxes that the disgraced ex-president’s aides hauled from his home in Florida earlier this year to his New Jersey resort are raising new questions about the serial con man’s illegal hoarding of secret government documents.

Ilhan Omar’s Republican challenger for Congress hands husband thousands in donor cash
Cicely Davis has poured tens of thousands of dollars from her no-chance but well-funded campaign into a company belonging to her husband, troubled bar owner Bradley Ross Ireland, ostensibly for “graphic design work.” She’s clearly leveraging the outrageous racism, misogyny, and Islamophobia that the right-wing media hurls at Omar into a personal payday.

Biden to use Trump-era deportation scheme to restrict Venezuelan migration
While President Biden will admit 24,000 Venezuelan migrants into the United States, he’s utilizing Trump’s Title 42 of the Public Health Services Act to deport the rest to Mexico without any acknowledgement of how America’s crippling sanctions against the South American country are a primary driver of the economic misery that’s forcing people to migrate in the first place.

Hospitals with links to private equity firms show alarming spike in emergency births
In what must be just a huge coincidence, more and more routine births seem to be turning into moneymaking “emergency” events at hospitals that work with private equity-backed staffing companies.


Wait, what?

No, seriously… What?


Today’s Action: Tell the FTC we need safeguards against corporate data abuse!

The Federal Trade Commission has recently started a long-overdue rulemaking process regarding online surveillance practices and corporate data abuse. Even our most intimate online activity is currently tracked and legally recorded by companies, disproportionately — and unsurprisingly — affecting marginalized communities the most. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling earlier this year stripping Americans of our right to reproductive  healthcare, the specter of criminalization has become even clearer. Uncontrolled access to our online habits and behaviors is an existential threat to basic privacy — one that can and will be wielded by moral zealots crusading for their dangerous vision of a theocratic America.

Corporations that want to keep unadulterated access to our online activity will certainly have lobbyists and other stakeholders ready to flood the FTC’s comment period in favor of continued, unfettered invasive data tracking. We must ensure that progressives and privacy advocates are also letting them know by the thousands that we demand sensible regulation that protects our privacy, data, and lives.

Join Fight For The Future’s call for meaningful safeguards against corporate data abuse and demand the FTC protects our online privacy now!  The FTC’s comment period ends next week, so please don’t wait!


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