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Top Stories for April 14:

GOP megadonor Harlan Crow bought property from Clarence Thomas, who didn’t disclose the deal

Harlan Crow not only bankrolled Clarence Thomas’ vacations for decades, the radical right-wing megadonor also put money directly in the justice’s pocket — by quietly purchasing Thomas’ childhood home from him and his mother in 2014 for the sum of $133,000, which he then spent tens of thousands more renovating. Thomas’ mother still lives in that house to this day. Thomas, of course, disclosed none of this, in violation of federal law. Crow claimed that he wanted to turn the house into a “museum” honoring the Supreme Court justice, yet another instance of blatant influence-purchasing in addition to being extremely weird.

Take Action: Impeach Clarence Thomas for his billionaire gift scandal!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bombshell new audio destroys Trump’s legal case

New recordings of discussions between the Trump team and Fox News have landed both parties in extremely hot water.

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Republicans are salivating at the thought of stealing a battleground Senate seat

Bob Casey for Senate: Stung from their humiliating defeat in 2022, McConnell and his cronies have now set their sight on defeating Bob Casey and flipping the Senate back to red. Can you chip in to help re-elect Sen. Casey and protect our critical Senate majority?

US officials arrest leaked classified documents suspect, a 21-year-old Air National Guardsman
The tale of the embarrassing classified document leak took a turn for the bizarre when the mysterious perpetrator was revealed to be not some traitorous turncoat in the service of a foreign government, but…a young gamer who wanted more attention from his online buddies? Wait, that can’t be right. Jack Teixeira was taken into custody by the FBI on Thursday afternoon after a journalist from Bellingcat uncovered his identity. Somebody — or probably many many many many people — way up the ladder has a LOT of explaining to do.

Take Action: Tell Congress to expand food stamps for hungry Americans!

DeSantis signs Florida GOP’s heinous 6-week abortion ban into law
Gov. Ron DeSantis signed one of the most draconian anti-abortion bans in the country into law, after Republicans rejected 50 amendments by Democrats, including an exception for a dangerous medical condition that nearly killed a Black woman as she bled out on the floor of a salon. The GOP’s new ban will literally kill countless women and force many more to carry unwanted fetuses to term, but that appears to be the price Republican lawmakers are happy to force others to pay in order to impose their radical vision of patriarchal Christian white supremacy on one of the nation’s most diverse state populations.

Take Action: Tell Amazon to negotiate with their union!

Trump faces deposition in New York AG Letitia James’ fraud lawsuit

The disgraced ex-president has returned to New York to face the music in court for the second time in two weeks. Trump is accused of having deliberately overvalued his properties in order to get better tax breaks and loans in a $250 million fraud case brought by the city. Trump declared on Truth Social that he was not mad but was laughing because the case would give him a chance to show the nation “what a great, profitable, and valuable company I built, actually!” He also laughably called James a “racist” and rolled out his weird nickname for the AG — “Peekaboo” — which is almost certainly racist, sexist, or both.

Texas court ruling does NOT restrict abortion pill access in 17 states, federal judge says
In response to Trump Circuit Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ordering the FDA to pull the abortion pill mifepristone from pharmacy shelves, District Judge Thomas Rice has issued a court order explicitly telling the FDA to ignore the 5th Circuit’s ruling, which should protect abortion pill access in 17 states until the issue is finally resolved by the Supreme Court. We won’t be able to One Weird Trick our way out of this forever, but this is a huge victory for those women who would otherwise be unable to access the abortion care they need until the latest legal battle over reproductive rights is finally over.

Republican stunt finally BACKFIRES on them

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: It’s about time.

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Arrest made in San Francisco killing of Bob Lee — tech exec’s alleged killer also worked in tech
Fox News and right-wing media blowhards immediately seized upon last week’s brutal murder of CashApp founder Bob Lee in a knife attack to amplify their hysterical narrative that San Francisco is a lawless wasteland of marauding vagrants — before any actual facts emerged. And wouldn’t you know it, Lee was murdered by another tech company owner with whom he had some kind of personal beef. No word yet on when Fox News will run a sensationalized special on techie-on-techie crime.

Republican uses “great replacement’ theory to justify abortion ban
Underneath the hood of most Republican policy lies an animating white supremacist ideology. Just ask Nebraska state Sen. Steve Erdman, who began parroting “great replacement” talking points to justify his party’s draconian abortion ban. “Our state population has not grown except by those foreigners who have moved here or refugees who have been placed here. Why is that? It’s because we’ve killed 200,000 people. These are people we’ve killed!” said Erdman, who clearly had to stop himself from yelling “white” in his screed.

Joe Manchin appears poised to tank Biden’s Labor secretary pick
Julie Su, the former labor commissioner for California, has a long track record of fighting for workers’ rights — which of course is why corporate lapdog Joe Manchin has “serious reservations” about her nomination to the nation’s top labor position. Can’t be letting those workers get too comfortable! They’ll start asking for things like healthcare! And being able to spend time with their kids! And paid vacation! You know, the things that only monocled executives should enjoy!

Convicted murderer on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s pardon wish list outed by super racist social media posts
Daniel Perry, whose prospective life sentence for murdering a Black Lives Matter protester the Texas governor indicated he would nullify, shared racist “white power” memes online and talked of a desire to hunt and kill (Black) people. Perry referred to the BLM movement as a “zoo full of monkeys” and the protests as “monkey shit” — music to Gov. Abbott’s ears, apparently.


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Today’s Action: Tell Congress to deliver federal LGBTQ+ protections!

Anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is at an all-time high as bigots across the country openly advocate for the ostracization and condemnation of one of America’s most vulnerable communities. Transgender people are at the center of the vitriol as state legislatures across the country debate their right to exist. It is our duty to protect this community from what is increasingly being labeled as a transgender genocide. It’s disgusting that this type of governing is what we are subjected to in 2023, in what is supposed to be a “free” nation.

The ability to persecute others is not something that makes America “free.” What is important is the ability for all, regardless of identity, to live an equitable life. We have a very long way to go towards achieving that goal. The fact is, conservatives have been scapegoating and persecuting the oppressed for centuries — and doing so under the guise of religious freedom.

Despite Democrats’ best effort to pass the Equality Act last congressional session, our elected officials have yet to deliver wide-reaching protections for LGBTQ+ people. With the onslaught of laws targeting LGBTQ+ freedoms, targeted mass shootings, and the deeply troubling rise in hate crimes, we simply can’t wait any longer to secure protections for our marginalized communities.

We must not allow protections for the LGBTQ+ community, and ESPECIALLY transgender people, to fall by the wayside. Whether by reviving the Equality Act or putting forth new legislation, we must act swiftly. Every second Congress waits puts another person at risk.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your members of Congress and tell them to deliver federal LGBTQ+ protections as soon as possible!

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