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An overwhelming two-thirds of Democrats said they’d vote for a primary challenger to Senator Kyrsten Sinema, and it’s not hard to see why. She opposes the Build Back Better plan. She wants to keep the filibuster, even if it means not passing voting rights. And she doesn’t care what voters think, because she’s too busy listening to her corporate donors and their lobbyists. And she opposes the Build Back Better Act, which could change the lives of working families across the country.

We can’t wait until a primary challenger jumps in the race. We need to act NOW to build the infrastructure to defeat her, one person at a time, which is why the Primary Sinema project has just announced their launch.

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The Primary Sinema project is an organization fundraising money for grassroots organizations in Arizona that are laying the groundwork to oust Kyrsten Sinema, and they need all of our support. A vast majority of Democrats want to see the Biden agenda pass, and they’re frustrated that she keeps standing in the way.

The Primary Sinema project will provide funds for key anti-Sinema organizing that has already rooted in her own backyard. Instead of coming in from other states to campaign against her, they’re giving more resources to Arizona organizers that will be directly working on this primary. Our early support can make a huge difference.

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