Tell Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to listen to her own state’s Democrats and abolish the filibuster!

Target: Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) is one of the only remaining Democrats protecting the filibuster, the GOP’s favorite tool of obstruction in the Senate. 

Arizona voted for President Biden AND flipped the state’s other Senate seat blue in 2020, and just 1 in 4 Arizonans want to maintain the filibuster. Yet Sinema has chosen to turn her back on her own state in order to Mitch McConnell’s bidding.

It is such an perplexing and infuriating stance that a coalition of 75% of Arizona’s Democratic House and State leaders have sent Sinema a letter, pleading with her to change her mind and overturn the filibuster.

Add your name to demand Senator Kyrsten Sinema listens to Arizona Democrats in abolishing the filibuster!

The filibuster has or will block legislation on nearly every Democratic priority: climate change, infrastructure, voting rights, equal pay for women, LGBTQ+ protections, student loan forgiveness, a commission on January 6th, common sense gun safety laws, to name a few

Sinema’s showy “bipartisan” waltz with Republicans is a futile, harmful time-waster. It’s time for her to listen to her own voters.

Sign here to tell Senator Kyrsten Sinema to follow the requests of her own state’s Democratic party and support the end of the filibuster.