Call on President Biden and Congress to invest in solar power and solar jobs in underserved communities!

Target: President Biden and Congress

President Biden and Congress have introduced ambitious plans to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, promote racial and economic justice, and address the climate crisis at the same time. GRID Mid-Atlantic is demonstrating–right here in our nation’s capital–how crucial strong solar policy is to meeting these goals, and how solar power, energy bill savings, and job training make a real difference to families.

We need your help making sure our leaders invest what’s needed to ensure local solar benefits everyone, in our region and nationwide.

We can redirect tens of billions of federal dollars that we currently hand out to support fossil fuels that pollute communities, and instead, invest them in overcoming the barriers that too many households face to accessing the benefits of clean, renewable, local energy. We can bring solar power and solar jobs to millions of people, starting right here in the Mid-Atlantic. In doing so, we can tackle the climate crisis and the crises of racial injustice and inequality.

Add your name to call on President Biden and Congress to invest big in solar access for all!

This is a clear win-win, and the results are not speculative. We can prove it: Since 2014, GRID Mid-Atlantic has been transforming local communities by training and employing job seekers for well-paying career paths in the growing clean energy industry while providing hundreds of no-cost solar installations. Nearly a thousand people have received hands-on experience, and our installations will provide the households we have served so far more than $17 million in lifetime energy bill savings.

Consider how much more solar could do for our entire region with a major boost in federal support!

Sign here to urge President Biden and Congress to include BIG solar investments in the infrastructure package, with an emphasis on installing and job training in environmental and economic justice communities!