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BREAKING: Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock defeats Republican Herschel Walker, giving Dems true Senate majority

Top Stories for December 7:

Special counsel subpoenas Trump-related documents from state and local election officials

Special Counsel Jack Smith has hit the ground running by issuing subpoenas to a slew of state and county officials for their communications with Donald Trump and other figures in his corrupt orbit during his final disastrous months in office.

Take Action: Impeach Clarence Thomas for hiding corrupt payments to his wife!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump makes major mistake with special counsel

The blatantly lawless president recently called for the termination of the Constitution — and it could come back to bite him criminally.

Take Action: Reject and disqualify Trump from running for President!

Trump screws over GOP responding to Hunter Biden laptop saga

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Not a smart move.

Michael Flynn ordered to testify in Trump election interference probe
The disgraced former National Security Advisor and terminally deranged crank has been ordered by a Florida judge to testify before the special grand jury in Atlanta investigating Donald Trump’s illegal efforts to steal the election in 2020. Forcing Flynn to testify has the added bonus of temporarily stopping him from spreading his deranged QAnon nonsense. His QAnonsense if you will.

Take Action: Confirm progressive champion Gigi Sohn to the FCC!

Fallen officer’s family snubs McConnell and McCarthy at Jan. 6 gold medal ceremony
Guess who’s not buying Republicans’ “sUpPoRT tHE pOLiCE” bs? The families of the actual heroes betrayed by the GOP.

Take Action: Protect renters from unfair evictions!

Hertz will pay $168 million to customers it falsely accused of stealing its cars
For years, the car rental agency falsely accused dozens of its customers of stealing its cars to save money, leading to arrests, felony charges, and months of jail time for innocent people — and the only punishment the company will face is a slap on the wrist fine. It is a reflection of our justice system’s priorities that big corporations and the people who run them are literally allowed ruin innocent working people’s lives and face no consequences whatsoever, while a man from Mississippi can be thrown in jail for SIX MONTHS because his rental car company falsely reported his car stolen and then never bothered to tell prosecutors that he’d actually returned the car and paid for it.

Take Action: Tell Congress to bring back the Expanded Child Tax Credit!

14-year-old girl hospitalized after being wounded at Ted Cruz’s house
Police officers responded to reports of a teenage girl with self-inflicted stab wounds on her arms in the upscale neighborhood of River Oaks. Police could not say whether the call involved a member of Cruz’s family. The Texas Republican has two daughters.

Trump’s Organization is Found Guilty on More Counts Than Donald Trump Can Count

OD Action Partner: He’s not much for brains, he’s not much for business… but crime is the one thing Donald Trump is proficient at.

Alex Jones goes to war with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes over “homoerotic” Hitler fascination
The intensifying squabbling between a sentient ham shank, a catboy-obsessed Mexican and a rapper in the throes of a psychotic breakdown over who is more hot for Hitler would be amusing if all three didn’t have the ear of Donald Trump, who himself is a man whose brain is so choked with gravy he instinctively latches on to the last thing anybody said to him.

Why having 51 vs. 50 senators matters way more for Democrats than you think
The balance of power in the Senate will now tip drastically as so-called Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema suddenly find themselves wielding substantially less influence. It will also allow for more judicial nominations, which is one of the most crucial tools for undoing the damage dealt to the judiciary by Donald Trump’s insane and downright evil judges. Powerful committees will also change for the better. Currently, committees are evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, reflecting the 50-50 composition of the Senate. Most committees need a majority support to issue a subpoena, meaning at least some bipartisan cooperation is required in order to advance an investigation. That’s about to change.

Apple illegally interfered with union organizing in Atlanta, labor board finds
One of the most important and underreported political struggles in America right now is being waged between organized labor and the endlessly greedy and increasingly unaccountable corporations striving to exploit workers at every turn. Apple is so terrified of the power of the unions that they broke the law to fight them — and there needs to be consequences.

Catfishing cop who killed California teen’s family had a violent past
The Virginia police officer who catfished a 15-year-old girl in California and then killed three members of her family had been detained for a psychiatric evaluation in 2016 after threatening to kill himself and his dad, according to a police report. This revelation raises the question of how Austin Lee Edwards ever became a cop. The answer to that question is painfully obvious: it’s way too easy to become a cop in this country and the job naturally attracts some of the most unhinged, violent people in our society.


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Today’s Action: Host or donate to a coat drive in your area!

As people throughout the country continue to experience colder and colder weather, it’s absolutely imperative to keep in mind our homeless and otherwise struggling neighbors. Approximately 700 at-risk or already homeless people die from hypothermia and winter weather-related incidents each year, and many will struggle to find shelter from the cold with an increase in anti-homeless operations and architecture. It’s a heartbreaking issue that we can’t solve overnight, but there are small steps we can take to hopefully extend support through the winter months.

One massive way you can help is by organizing a coat drive or finding a coat drive in your area to donate to yourself. Something as simple as an old coat that you’ve outgrown or forgotten about could be the difference between someone staying warm and getting sick — and between you and your neighbors, you could make a serious impact in your community. 

One Warm Coat is an organization that helps you find coat drives in your area as well as the resources to plan and promote your own. Check out their map of coat drives to find out if there are already any in progress, and if there are — make plans to donate and promote the event! If there’s not a coat drive happening, take action and follow One Warm Coat’s six steps to hosting a successful drive! No matter how you participate, your community will be better for it.


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