Demand big tech stop the spread of white nationalist hate online!

Target: Big tech

The abrupt resurgence of white supremacy and far-right extremism as a mainstream political force across the United States has been one of the most disturbing developments of the past decade. 

The key to their survival is the internet. Through social media platforms and finance apps, these groups raise money, convert new recruits, promote hateful conspiracy theories and coordinate rallies, events, and even terrorist attacks — often with the silent complicity of the host platform. 

“Ban the Nazis!” has been a user demand studiously ignored by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey for years, while Facebook’s own researchers discovered 64% of extremist Facebook Group joins came from their algorithmic recommendation tools.

Sign your name to demand social media companies take action to stop hate from being promoted on their platform!

Thanks to the diligent work of passionate activists fighting for justice and equality at every level, huge strides have been made in unraveling the tangled web of influence, resources, and political capital that sustains the far-right and enables the pernicious spread of their hateful ideas. 

But only so much can be done without intervention from Big Tech. They’ve profited off of coddling white nationalists and their disgusting lies for far too long.

 Call on Big Tech to step up and stop the spread of white nationalist hate online!