Tell the Senate to pass the For The People Act and put an end to voter suppression!

Target: United States Senate

Stacey Abrams’ leadership and unprecedented turnout in Georgia showed us what can happen when Black and minority voters are free to make their voices heard. That’s why Republicans are so desperate to stop them.

In Georgia, racist voter suppression has already been signed into law, and Florida, Texas, and dozens of other states are clamoring to follow suit. But HR/S 1, the For The People Act, will nullify them and restore Americans’ right to vote.

Add your name to stand with voters of color in Georgia and throughout the nation by demanding the Senate pass the For The People Act!

The For The People Act is a sweeping upgrade of election accessibility, transparency, and security. It creates a national voter registration program, makes Election Day a national holiday, and crushes gerrymandering and voter roll purges. It’s voting rights for the people, which is where voting should belong but often doesn’t.

Our Senators must hear from us loud and clear: the For the People Act is what our democracy needs.

Sign here to tell the Senate we need the For The People Act!