Call for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs to be supported amid widespread inequality and economic uncertainty!

LGBTQ+ businesses already have a harder time than other ventures, due to both social bias and lack of federal support. Between obtaining funding, licenses, hiring employees, and receiving aid/protections — LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs are up against way more than their straight counterparts.

Recent reports showed that the United States could have nearly half a million jobs created by LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs if they received access to the same resources and funding as non-LGBTQ+ founders. The nonprofit StartOut is committed to supporting an increase in LGBTQ+ businesses, and ensuring that they have full, equitable access to those assets. 

Add your name to demand support for LGBTQ+  businesses amid widespread inequality and economic uncertainty!

A 2016 study reported that almost 40% of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs choose to not self-identify as part of the queer community. Not only that, but those marginalized entrepreneurs are migrating away from more discriminatory areas leaving gaps in businesses for those communities. It’s a cycle of disadvantage that has no place in the 21st century.

Support should absolutely ramp up in the face of inequality. Equity means ensuring that ALL people have equal opportunity according to their needs and circumstances — and as of right now, the business world is failing to ensure marginalized people get a fair shake.

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