Arrest Steve Bannon for threatening Dr. Fauci and his family!


BREAKING: UN says world “nowhere near” hitting climate goals, predicts 4.5F deg warming by 2100

Top Stories for October 26:

Steve Bannon vows Dr Fauci and his family will “suffer” and be ‘hunted’ after midterms: “Paybacks across the board”

Bannon, who was recently sentenced to six months in prison, incited violence against Dr. Fauci and his family on the latest episode of his War Room podcast. We need to get him behind bars as soon as possible.

Take Action: Tell Apple and Google to remove Steve Bannon’s hateful, dangerously deceptive podcast!

Bombshell: Top Republican candidate exposed with midterms only days away

NC GOP candidate Ted Budd tries to play himself off as just a regular business owner — but he’s hiding some VERY dark secrets.

Take Action: Demand Justice Thomas recuse himself from democracy-destroying case!

Democrats now in striking distance of a surprise Senate flip

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Progressive Democrats retract letter to Biden urging diplomatic end to war in Ukraine
After sparking hysterical blowback from the pro-war national security blob, progressive leader Rep. Jayapal blamed a staffer for releasing the letter before the Democrats involved retracted it entirely. There should be nothing controversial about calling for negotiations with the nuclear power we are currently involved in a proxy war with, but this is a spectacularly embarrassing unforced error.

Take Action: Demand women get equal pay for equal work!

Mehmet Oz says abortion should be decided between “women, doctors, local political leaders” during debate with John Fetterman
We don’t know about you, but we definitely want a hot tub salesman who got himself elected to the statehouse on a platform of eliminating witchcraft in schools and reviving the local racism factory to be personally involved in OUR reproductive healthcare choices.

Take Action: Protect renters from unfair evictions!

Ex-Trump aide Hope Hicks interviews with Jan. 6 committee

Hicks’ testimony comes after the panel signaled in their Oct. 13 hearing that Trump’s efforts to overturn the election and his actions on Jan. 6 will be the central focus of the final stages of their probe.

St. Louis school gunman was armed with AR-15-style rifle and over 600 rounds of ammunition, officials say
Once again, an alienated and disturbed young man was able to get his hands on an arsenal worth of weaponry and commit horrifying acts with it. Probably not a coincidence that Missouri has some of the weakest gun laws in the country.

McConnell’s hand-picked Republican is still running elections in one of the largest BLUE cities in the South

Tina Ward-Pugh for County Clerk: Louisville, Kentucky, has just one citywide Republican elected official — a handpicked McConnell disciple who oversees — of all things — elections. This year she has a strong challenge from Democrat Tina Ward-Pugh in a race that could be a game changer for voting rights for years to come. Can you chip in to make sure Democrats in Kentucky can exercise their right to vote?

Virtually all children on Earth will face more frequent heatwaves by 2050
According to Unicef, 559 million children currently endure at least four to five dangerous heatwaves annually, but the number will quadruple to 2 billion by 2050 – even if global heating is curtailed to 1.7 degrees, currently the best-case scenario on the table.

California sheriff’s office stops Black drivers five times more often than white people, data shows
Institutionalized racism in a nutshell: instead of spending time, you know, helping people, California police were busy pulling over people of color for traffic stops, equipment issues, and other pedestrian nonsense at a ridiculously inflated rate. To make matters worse, LA sheriffs spent 89% of patrol hours on officer-initiated stops and just 11% on calls for service.

Alaska GOP votes to censure McConnell for supporting Lisa Murkowski
In yet another display of how extreme the rank-and-file GOP have become, the Alaska Republican Party has issued a symbolic rebuke of Minority Leader McConnell for his support of another Republican just because she doesn’t play nice with Trump.

Only 5% of plastic waste generated by US last year was recycled
So much for the feel-good of plastic recycling programs; it turns out not a single type of plastic packaging in the US meets the definition of recyclable. Americans discarded 51m tons of wrappers, bottles and bags in 2021 – about 309lb of plastic per person – of which almost 95% ended up in landfills, oceans or scattered in the atmosphere in tiny toxic particles.


Nice going bozo

For the union makes us strong!


Today’s Action: Spread the word about student debt relief!

Despite a federal appeals court’s temporary and regressive order to stop processing debt relief, progressives are still intent on securing far-reaching relief for working Americans. The Federal Student Aid office is still accepting applications for relief with the expectation that they will resume reviewing applications as soon as possible, so there’s no reason to wait to find out your eligibility. 

Individuals who made less than 125,000 and families who made less than 250,000 in 2020 or 2021 are eligible for up to $10,000 in federal loan relief. If you were a Pell grant recipient, you are eligible for up to $20,000! The application is open until December 2023 — but because of the influx of applicants and hang-ups in the Supreme Court, the earlier the better. Nearly 22 million people have already applied!

The federal student relief application is incredibly quick and accessible — so don’t wait! Check out the Federal Student Aid office’s form and see if you qualify. Take a couple minutes out of your day to submit your own if you’re eligible, and even if you’re not, tell your network to do the same on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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