Demand Pence stop risking lives to campaign as virus spreads through his inner circle!

Target: Vice President Pence

A week and a half from Election Day, five of Vice President Pence’s top advisors tested positive for coronavirus. Five! By any measure, this puts his entourage at serious risk of infection and spreading the disease to those they encounter, which is why CDC guidelines recommend a 14-day quarantine for Pence.

Instead, Pence has chosen to take his team across the country to campaign in person, risking the health and lives of those in communities nationwide.

This has to stop! Add your name to demand Pence stop campaigning immediately and follow CDC guidelines to protect the health of the American people.

Pence argues that his work as VP is “essential.” But there are 16 categories of essential, and campaign surrogate appears nowhere on the list. Furthermore, by federal law, his role as Vice President must be kept separate from all campaign functions to prevent an unfair incumbent advantage. Pence’s very justification for continuing to campaign violates the Hatch Act.

Lives are at stake. Some things must be bigger than politics. Add your name to demand Pence stop risking people’s lives by campaigning at once!