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G7 meet, agree to “starve” the Russian war machine

Top Stories for May 19:

GOP “FBI politicization” hearing features witnesses paid by Trump adviser

Jim Jordan’s Very Serious Double Secret Probation Oversight Committee hearing about the “weaponization of the FBI” against Donald Trump fell apart when he was forced to acknowledge that his agency “whistleblowers” were coincidentally accepting large sums of cash from a Trump adviser, whose name somehow is also Kash. The fact that the GOP is forced to bribe their informants to get the narrative they want shows you just how desperate they are to appease Donald Trump — and how they don’t even have a shred of evidence behind their conspiracies. [RETWEET THAT!]

Take Action: Demand Rep. Jim Jordan resign over serial sexual abuse coverup!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ron DeSantis finally gets what he deserves in stunning development

He REALLY should have seen this coming…

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The EPA’s life-saving new anti-pollution rules are UNDER ATTACK from Republicans

Environmental Defense Fund: The Biden team has just approved a tidal wave of anti-pollution rules targeting everything from toxic drinking water to planet-heating gases — but McCarthy, McConnell, and the rest of Big Oil’s minions are intent on striking them down. Will you support the Environmental Defense Fund’s efforts to make sure those rules stick?

Disney scraps plans for new Florida campus as fight with Gov. DeSantis continues
Florida Gov. and real-life Disney villain Ron DeSantis’ short-sighted and deeply bigoted culture war against Mickey Mouse & Co. has now cost his state at least 2,000 jobs and a $1 BILLION campus expansion outside Orlando. A bitter pill to swallow to be sure. Maybe some pudding might help? [RETWEET THAT!]

Take Action: Demand NO guns on college campuses!

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces articles of impeachment against Biden
Since the new Congress began, the QAnon congresswoman and space-laser aficionado has filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Homeland Security Sec. Alexander Mayorkas, and US Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves. Which should tell you how seriously she takes the charges and how desperate she is for attention.

Take Action: Tell Republicans NO cuts to Social Security or raising retirement age!

Ted Cruz demands investigation into Bud Light’s relationship with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney

Senator, we really think you’re on to something and should start a probe investigating all companies and their nefarious advertising partners. For instance, we’ve gotten word that McDonald’s has been SOFT ON CRIME by turning a blind eye to the theft of millions, possibly trillions of cheeseburgers by the notorious Hamburglar for DECADES. What kind of message does that send to our children?

Young miners dying of an “old man’s disease”
Coal may be dying a slow death, but it’s also taking an entire new generation of workers out along with it. Black lung — an entirely preventable occupational disease — is back with a vengeance, and it’s killing younger miners faster as they have to drill deeper and deeper — and breathe in more and more deadly silica dust — in tired coal seams that have been mined for decades. “Their daddies and granddaddies got all the good coal; now they’re left with the trash,” said one black lung clinic worker.

CNN suffers ultimate humiliation after Trump town hall

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond embarrassing.

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Anti-abortion activist dies in plane crash
Mark Gietzen, the president of the Kansas Republican Assembly, spent so much money — $120,000 — fighting to overturn a statewide abortion referendum that protected a woman’s right to choose that he decided to neglect repairs to his 1963 Cessna, which…then crashed and killed him last week. Deciding that hating reproductive rights is more important than keeping your plane from falling out of the sky is certainly a choice he had the right to make.

Sen. John Cornyn abandons Trump, says ex-president can’t win in 2024
The Texas Republican and longtime Trump enabler finally abandoned ship yesterday, telling reporters the GOP needs a candidate “who can actually win” in 2024. But don’t hold him to it, folks. Should the disgraced ex-president emerge victorious from the Republican primary next year, Cornyn will pledge fealty and promptly fall back in line. They always do.

Serbians hand in guns and question culture of violence after two shootings
Would you look at that. In the wake of two deadly mass shootings, Serbians — who own the third-most firearms in the world, per capita — are willingly handing in their weapons en masse, and the president has announced a moratorium on new weapons permits. But protesters want more than just gun control; thousands are marching in the streets decrying the culture of violence that led to the shootings in the first place. Imagine what our country would look like without the NRA and their bought-and-paid-for Republican lapdogs in Congress.

Donald Trump Jr. rolls out “unapologetic,” “non-woke” men’s magazine and it’s every bit as bad as you can imagine
Don Jr. has unveiled his latest misguided adventure, Field Ethos — a “non-woke” magazine for adult-sized male children who in no way suffer from debilitating daddy issues. Select articles currently include — and we’re paraphrasing — “What’s the big deal about kids killing cats?” and “How a violent ex-con made my childhood at the yacht club less unbearable.” Freud would have, um, a field day with this drivel.


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Today’s Action: Tell the Atlanta City Council to stop the development of Cop City!

A massive police training center set to be built in Atlanta is STILL threatening 381 acres of publicly owned forest, despite unrelenting push back from the public. On Monday, hundreds of activists and local residents packed a city council meeting and spoke for seven hours, expressing unanimous opposition to the proposal. It’s clear that Cop City is a horrible idea — not just for Atlanta, but all of America. Local governments should be investing resources in chronically underfunded social services and mental healthcare, not shoveling more money to militarized, overfunded police forces.

There is zero reason that a privately owned, corporate-funded tactical police training ground is important enough to bulldoze publicly owned forest land. Oh, did we mention the price of the project? Nearly $90 million.

With widespread calls for decreased police funding and increased climate action, the proposal to raze forest land for such a facility is grossly out of touch. There are plenty of initiatives that officials in Atlanta could be working on for the betterment of their residents — but instead, constituents’ voices have been ignored in favor of even more deference to law enforcement. Ongoing protests from residents in the area have made it clear this is NOT what the community wants or needs. One recent survey showed 98% of residents OPPOSE the building of Cop City. How long will it take until Atlanta council members wake up and listen to the actual people they were elected to serve?

Call the Atlanta City Council office at 404-330-6030 or email an Atlanta City Council member and demand they revoke the Cop City permit!


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